Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said India is an ideal testing laboratory for solutions and underlined that solutions that are successful in the country can be easily implemented anywhere in the world.

In his pre-recorded statement during the G20 Digital Economy Working Group Ministers’ Meet here in the city, the Prime Minister said India’s digital public infrastructure offers a scalable, secure and inclusive solution to global challenges.

Modi said, “India is an incredibly diverse country. We have dozens of languages ​​and hundreds of dialects. It is home to every religion in the world and myriad cultural practices. From ancient traditions to the latest technology, India has something for everyone.” There is something.”

With such diversity, India is an ideal testing laboratory for solutions, he said, adding that “a solution that is successful in India can be easily implemented anywhere in the world.”

Modi told the delegates attending the meeting that India is ready to share its experiences with the world.

The Prime Minister informed the audience that the country has now created India Stacks, an online global public digital goods depository, to ensure that no one is left behind.

He called upon the participants in the program to make efforts to develop a roadmap to facilitate cross country comparison of digital skills and establish a virtual center of excellence on digital skills.

Alerting the G20 delegates to the challenges posed by the globally expanding security threat of the digital economy, Modi called for building a consensus on the “G20 High Level Principles for a Secure, Trustworthy and Resilient Digital Economy”.

The Prime Minister said, “At the G20, we have a unique opportunity to lay the foundation for an inclusive, prosperous and secure global digital future. We can drive financial inclusion and productivity through digital public infrastructure.”

Listing out the experiments done by the Indian government on the digital economy front, Modi said the trinity of Jan Dhan accounts, Aadhaar and mobile phones revolutionized financial transactions.

The Prime Minister said, “We are building an AI powered language translation platform ‘Bhashini’. It will support digital inclusion in all the diverse languages ​​of India.”

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