Tulane University Cyber ​​Security Specialist Joshua Copeland Available to speak on the importance of protecting Operational Technology (OT) from cyber attacks. Among other applications, OT controls valves, engines, conveyors and other machines vital to daily life. OT cyber attacks often have serious consequences beyond system latency.

according to a recent news waterfall protection As per the report, a 140% increase in cyber attacks against industrial operations is expected to result in over 150 incidents in 2022. Attacks on critical infrastructure damage and delay vital operations such as banking, manufacturing, airline, mining, shipping, schools, libraries, and various other organizations.

“The simple answer is that businesses have to develop new tools and solutions for these problems. You can’t take processes you’re familiar with from the IT side and try to apply them to operational technology. People or local governments find themselves in situations where it is costly to upgrade operational technology. The big question is what can businesses do nationally or internationally to encourage them to do the right thing and develop more secure operating techniques?

Late last month, several lawmakers accused Microsoft of security negligence over a hack that allowed China to spy on top Biden administration officials. according to a Wall Street Journal article, researchers say the breach may be worse than initially suspected. More than two dozen organizations were affected globally. Microsoft described the attack as focused on individuals whose communications are believed to have high intelligence value.

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