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Of the 20 lakh buses on Indian roads, 90 per cent are private buses. Their electrification is vital if we want to reduce transport emissions.

But the high cost of electric buses is a deterrent. Since 2014, only 4,855 e-buses, 1.1 per cent of the 430,669 sold in the country, have been deployed. This is much lower than the average global e-bus penetration of 4.5 per cent. China is leading the e-bus market with an 80 percent share in global sales in 2022.

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The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday approved 57,613 crore initiative Increasing the use of electric buses in 169 cities.

This money will be spent in bringing 10,000 new electric buses. The scheme will increase city bus operations, giving priority to cities that do not have any organized bus service.

According to the Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles (SMEV), the PM-eBus service will act as a catalyst to promote electric vehicles to promote the penetration of electric mobility in urban centres. Said on Thursday.

Earlier this month, we informed of The government’s plan to replace diesel buses with electric buses in public transport has hit a roadblock. CESL, the state-owned firm handling the acquisition of electric vehicles for central and state government departments, was considering canceling its dry lease tender for 4,675 e-buses following a disappointing response from manufacturers.

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Rupee hits all time low And the yield on the benchmark 10-year Indian government bond rose to a four-month high on Thursday amid a jump in the dollar index and US Treasury yields.

ISRO on Friday Said Deboosting (slowing down) was done while taking the lander module of Chandrayaan-3 closer to the Moon. The lander module, comprising the lander (Vikram) and the rover (Pragyan), will undergo a second deboosting on August 20, to be lowered into an orbit that will take it very close to the lunar surface. The soft landing on the Moon’s south pole is scheduled for August 23.

Two million postcards and eight million letters pass through India’s post offices every day, despite email and the Internet. However, snail mail isn’t catching up. The number of postal department is decreasing While the government is working on a new law.

The fitment committee of the GST Council is expected to provide an explanation “Ground clearance” norms for utility vehicles for the purpose of taxation and its implementation. Ground clearance above 170 mm is one of the three key parameters to be classified as a UV and attract 22 per cent compensation cess.

India experienced new peak With the withdrawal of monsoon across the country, power demand reached a record 233 GW on Wednesday due to rising temperatures. As the dreaded El Nino weather phenomenon approaches India, power demand is expected to remain high till October.

Take That: Words from the world of technology and start-ups

Infosys signs $1.6 billion deal The London-based telecom firm has entered into a five-year partnership with Liberty Global to enhance its digital entertainment and connectivity platform.

Byju’s handed over the pink slip 100 employees in new round of layoffs. However, according to a media report, the Edtech company has fired 400 people.

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TMS had 500th episode on Thursday and it lived up to the milestone. It told you why auditors are quitting, whether poor debt recovery process drove Nitin Desai to suicide, and whether defence-related stocks have more firepower.

Most importantly, it gave you a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes at Team TMS. do not miss it,

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The terror that women have to face in the courts is not a new thing.

According to reports, in 2020, a High Court judge ruled that it is indecent for a woman to fall asleep after rape. In 2018, another High Court judge called a 24-year-old woman who defied her parents and married a Muslim “weak and vulnerable, capable of being exploited in many ways”.

Nor are these horrors confined to India.

There is an article on the Stanford Law University website that describes a 2016 instance in which a Canadian judge asked a sexual assault victim why she “can’t keep her knees together”.

Put yourself in the shoes of the victim and see how you feel.

Things are moving forward in a state of much needed relief in India.

In March 2021, the Supreme Court said that judges should refrain from commenting on the dress, behaviour, past conduct or morality of a survivor of sexual violence and suggested marriage between the accused and the victim as a compromise in rape and molestation. vehemently refused. cases.

The provocation was a High Court order asking one of the accused to tie a ‘rakhi’ on his wrist to the victim as a condition of bail.

The draft of the 30-page booklet prepared by a sub-committee of the Supreme Court was released on Wednesday. this includes a Glossary of Gender-Injust Terms and suggests alternatives. It identifies common stereotypes about women, many of which have been used by courts in the past, and shows why they are wrong and how they distort the application of the law.

The handbook issued by the Chief Justice states that a woman is not a “chaste woman”, “a woman of easy virtue”, a “prostitute”, a “temptress”, a “slut” or a “prostitute”, but simply a “woman”. India, DY Chandrachud.

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