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True Anomaly, a Denver-based aerospace and defense company founded in 2022, held the grand opening of its new GravityWorks spacecraft manufacturing facility on Aug. 17.

The event was attended by several local officials, including Congressman Jason Crow, Centennial Mayor Stephanie Pico, Centennial Mayor Pro Tempore Richard Holt, and City Council members.

“In my view, Centennial is really the centerpiece of defense, aviation, aerospace and space in those industries and the future of our national defense,” Crowe said. “Thank you for your innovation, your entrepreneurship and for bringing it home at Centennial.”

As the aerospace industry turns a page in the pace and necessity of building defense spacecraft, True Anomaly aims to rise to the challenge as an industrial partner for national space security.

True Anomaly CEO and Co-Founder Evan Rogers said, “True Anomaly was founded to answer this call and address this exact challenge: national security within the space community while playing its part in the face of a global competition. To be an industrial partner for , “GravityWorks is how True Anomaly would do it.”

The facility features an assembly line manufacturing model, an unusual approach in the industry, and has the capability to produce a single satellite in five days.

“Continued prosperity on Earth depends on the peaceful use of space. Without the space sector, the world would look very, very different, less stable and less prosperous,” Rogers said.

Space was recognized by NATO in 2019 as the fifth operational domain for military operations, combining maritime, air, land and cyberspace.

“The US government and industry, we find ourselves as partners at an inflection point in True Anomaly: providing asymmetric capabilities to sustainably secure domains at the speed of operational necessity,” said Rogers.

True Anomaly conducted a national search for the location of the GravityWorks manufacturing site, and eventually traced back to Colorado, the center of spacecraft technology in the United States.

Mayor Pico said, “They stayed in Colorado, and they chose Centennial, and I think it’s because we’re a business-friendly community.” “Here we really have an opportunity to create an environment of growth and private sector-public sector collaboration to benefit not only us here at Centenary, but everyone around the world.”


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