by Linda Lew

The e-commerce arm of Alibaba Group Holding in China is hiring more than 2,000 graduates amid record youth unemployment and authorities scaling down their regulatory crackdown on technology platforms.

Taotian Group, the entity that includes Taobao and Tmall, is recruiting graduates for a range of roles including design, product and data, according to a post on its official recruitment WeChat account on Thursday. The jobs will be based in at least six Chinese cities such as Hangzhou and Shanghai.

China suspended publishing data on its rising youth unemployment rate in July, saying it needed to iron out complexities in the numbers. This year the rate rose every month and reached a record 21.3% in June.

Youth unemployment rates typically spike in the summer as millions of graduates hit the labor market, with 12 million students expected to graduate from universities and colleges in 2023, according to the Ministry of Education.

China withholds youth jobs data, raising transparency concerns

The Chinese government extended an olive branch to big technology, after an investigation into companies such as Alibaba and Tencent Holdings ended with massive fines in July. Premier Li Qiang has met with senior executives from Alibaba and other internet companies such as ByteDance Ltd and JD.Com Inc and vowed to provide more support for the industry by creating a fair environment to reduce compliance costs.

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