After years of failure, England finally reached its first World Cup final and earned a place 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup hard fought victory Australia Quick Wednesday morning,

The match was a back-and-forth affair with each team getting their chances. When did England connect on the first goal Ella Toon By the end of the first half, the shot from the back of the net gave them a 1-0 lead. He Persisted, But Not Long As A Superstar Sam Kerr Worked some magic for the home fans and tied the match with a dazzling shot from outside the box. However, the winning goal would be scored by England when Lauren Hemp Eight minutes later, Kerr replied to a goal to take a 2-1 lead. England would play one more late on and win by a margin of 3–1.

Australia’s dream run ends in semi-finals, chance to claim third place against Sweden Saturday morning ,Coverage on Fox and the Fox Sports app begins at 3 a.m. ET,

Reactions after England beat Australia to reach final | world cup now

The ‘World Cup Now’ crew discuss England’s 3-1 win over Australia to advance to the final of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup and what this World Cup means for Australia’s future.

The World Cup Now crew – Jimmy Conrad, Leslie Osborne and Melissa Ortiz – discuss where Australia goes from here and what the long-term future of the program looks like.

Conrad: “We could argue that Australia exceeded expectations and did it in a way that was heartening and in a way that the country was able to unite with them and be proud of them. They still feel a little bit hurt by it.” But if we are to be honest, this is her first Women’s World Cup semi-final, so maybe that’s the limit for her right now. I want to emphasize on the part of Abhi because a lot can happen in three years. can change, The time when the next World Cup will happen.”

Ortiz: “Yeah, absolutely. We have to applaud Australia for the performance, especially when at a certain point in the group stage they flipped the switch against Canada and it looked like we could do that for a long time, but the fan base’s motivation Also used, the spectators and the home ground. And that was without Sam Kerr, which is very strange. And then obviously Sam Kerr being a part of it today and getting him a goal is also very important. But his questions The best answer is no matter what his range is and what may happen for the next World Cup, you will still have Sam Kerr. You will still have Mary Fowler, which is still very, very small. You are going to get back a good part of your team as well. The change that will come is probably the defensive line, but that will come over time over the next four years. And that will happen whether Tony Gustavsson stays or not, and I think he will because he has done very well for them in this World Cup, but there has to be some sort of rejuvenation. Also, you have to think about the impact it will have on the country and filter out players from youngsters to full-fledged teams.

Conrad: “I think it’s crazy to think about and we’re a long way from it now, but there are a lot of 10- to 14-year-old girls living in Australia who are now being inspired by this team. Will that World Cup happen in 12 years? The Cup is going to be like that for Australia when you get to see the fruits of all that hard work and that generation of inspired group? We’ve seen it many times in America.

Osborne: “Yes, I have seen the 1999 team win, and it hits home for many of us who have had the opportunity to see the 1999 team win and they idolize and inspire us. And In fact, it makes it feel real and like it’s possible and when you’re at a home game with 80,000 people and watching the players live, and it has the same effect of watching it in a live game, not on TV , then maybe get their autographs and look at the inspiration. So many girls and boys and fans of the sport and to see what they’ve done for the sport and for this country is absolutely impressive. And it’s just the starting point for them . The next step for this Australian federation is to make sure that their league is sanctioned, and that it is a professional league. It should be something, but these women will be looked up to more than ever. They are icons and leaders and not only paving the way for footballers but for women in general here. We talked about the win-win for them and how high the trajectory is for them and although it’s going to hurt – and the way the game unfolds Came and it would hurt because of the way they were in it – they could have actually won it. But Mary Fowler, what a talented player. The future is bright for this team for him to step on the field and make an impact.”

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