A crying Maui resident criticized Joe Biden on CNN for the lack of government assistance for victims of the deadly fire in Maui, saying “Where is the president?”, called him not to come to Hawaii until next Monday and asked ” Aren’t we Americans too? Like we’re part of the United States of America but why are we being put in a back pocket? Why are we being ignored?” (Update at end: full video and transcript.)

Ella Sable Tackardon spoke to Kaitlyn Collins, saying the $700 that Biden sent to affected families, including his parents, is not even close to essential living expenses due to “expensive” grocery prices, where more than $700 A grocery store for a family can be covered.. “The Maui community has been helping the Maui community,” said Takdaran. Takdaran is neither crying nor doing anything to help – she is sheltering about three dozen survivors in her home.

A video clip was posted by Representative Byron Donalds (R-FL):

Biden, who has repeatedly blasted reporters begging for timely comments on the deadly Maui fire, released a scripted campaign video Thursday morning that was dutifully aired by ABC’s Good Morning America and on ABC’s jumbotron in Times Square. Shown:

A video clip from a CBS interview on locals organizing themselves, “Maui pro surfer @Kai_Lenny talks about the volunteer army that has stepped up to provide supplies for the Lahaina community. “I have not seen a single state, county or federal official at any of the donation centers where people are suffering the most.”

UPDATE: Long video clip of interview with Ella Sable Tackdrun followed by CNN transcript:

COLLINS: The mayor of Maui says that given how important it is at this time, he’s going to appoint someone else to that role as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, as Hawaiians on the ground tonight deal with unimaginable losses, the FBI is now warning to be on high alert against criminals who are exploiting these disaster victims with scams.

Joining me tonight is Maui resident Ella Sable Takderan.

Ella, thanks for coming by.

First of all, I know what you have been going through for the last few days is absolutely hell. But now to hear that the Maui emergency administrator is stepping down, in defense of not sounding the siren, what do you make of that?

Ella Sable Tekdern, Maui resident: I’m at a loss for words. But I know it should have been raised because it could have saved lives even though everyone knew there was a fire at that time.

However, I feel like — I feel like the mayor should make a big decision with regard to sounding the alarm as well as sounding the siren. And it felt like a lot of people’s hands were tied. He didn’t know what to do in this situation.

And I’m not – I don’t know what to say. I just feel that the siren should have sounded. Because part of it is wildfire, according to mauisirens.com. And, of course, if the siren sounds, everyone will know there’s an emergency.

Collins: And Ella, I know, I mean, you’re impressed —

Sable Takdron: So.

Collins:- It’s direct. I mean, right now, there’s peace in your house. But you have 23 family members living with you. This means that at present there are a total of 32 people in your house.

Can you tell, I mean, what’s your day-to-day like at the moment?

Sable Takdron: Right now, it still seems — it still seems unreal that I can’t imagine that this happened.

My house is full. And my heart is full, with all the communities coming together and helping each other. And I’m just happy that we have each other. We are safe, unharmed and reunited. A cousin of mine, after a whole week, was finally able to meet her in person. And she was looking somewhat hazy (ph). And today, he — we were finally reunited with him.

We are getting a lot of help from the community. And community has been a huge part of my family’s existence. Without them, we would not be where we are now in terms of our conscience as well as our mode of existence.

Collins: You mentioned community. But are you getting enough help from the government tonight?

Sable Takdron: My parents got a check for $700, which was a slap in the face. These 700 dollars were given by the government. And it seems to me that this is not enough.

Living in Hawaii, you spend on groceries, you — everything is so expensive, groceries can be up to $700 just for one grocery store. And this is not enough. And, right now, the Maui community is helping the Maui community.


And I’m really — and it’s really affected me. Because where is the President? He decides to come here this week, come here next week. I mean, aren’t we Americans too? As such, we are part of the United States of America. But why aren’t we doing that — why are we being back-pocketed? Why are we being ignored?

And I think these families need help immediately. And they are being returned because their applications have not been approved, or are pending. And so on, and the only way they’ll be able to get help, or be able to get help, is if they sign up through FEMA, where many, many of these families have elders who are computer-illiterate. are, or they don’t know how to do it, or they don’t know what to do.

COLLINS: What do you think it’s important for the president to —

Sable Takdrun: Right now, the only help we’re getting is –

COLLINS: Ella, what do you think it’s important for the President to —

Sable Takdrun: The only help we’re getting –

Collins: – Let’s see when he comes next week, Monday?

Sable Takdron: Tell him to come over to the War Memorial, and see the people lying there on the cots, and see how he feels, especially the wounded people lying on the cots, right in the War Memorial Stadium.

Collins: Ella?

Sable Takdron: I’m so sorry. I didn’t know it was going to happen like this. I am happy to talk about my family.

But I needed to say out loud whatever was in my heart, because I struggle mentally when it comes to providing support. And I wish I could be there for every person I meet. I want to be with everyone I see.

Collins: Ella, I mean, no one can even fathom what you and your family are going through. So, you don’t need to apologize.

And thanks for coming tonight. I know there are many people in your house.

And we know the President will be there next week.

So thank you very much.

Sable Takdrun: Thank you.

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