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Illustration by Ajay Mohanty

The Uttar Pradesh government has issued a directive to all divisional commissioners and district magistrates to keep a check on any misleading or negative news that may tarnish the image of the state or the concerned district.

A few days ago, an order was issued directing the district administration to report any such misleading information or news through the state’s Integrated Grievance Redressal System (IGRS), so that proper investigation can be done.

The directive further states that a copy of the misleading or negative news item should also be sent to the concerned department for clarification.

Additionally, the order empowers the district administration to seek clarification from the newspaper management through written communication if any attempt has been made to malign the image of the state or district through misleading information. If any such incident occurs, it should also be reported to the state information department, according to the order, a copy of which has been reviewed by Business Standard.

Sources indicated that the order was issued a few days ago and has since been sent to all divisional commissioners and district magistrates across the state.

first published: 18 August 2023 | 9:02 PM First

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