Isaac Chotiner/New Yorker Magazine:

Advantages and disadvantages of accusing Trump of being an outlaw

Racketeering statutes allow prosecutors to organize multiple characters and comprehensive sets of allegations into a single narrative. Making the story coherent can be a challenge.

To talk about the sweeping indictment, I recently spoke by phone with Karen Myers Morrison, former assistant US attorney for the Eastern District of New York who is currently an associate professor of law at Georgia State University. During our conversation, which has been edited for length and clarity, we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of Bring in Rico chargeIf Trump tries to take the case to federal court, is he likely to succeed, and why sheer scope This latest indictment could present a challenge for prosecutors.

jennifer rubin/Washington Post:

Fannie Willis puts violence front and center

right in front, indictment The charges handed down Monday by the grand jury in Atlanta:

Members of the enterprise, including several defendants, falsely accused Fulton County election worker Ruby Freeman of committing election crimes in Fulton County, Georgia. These false allegations were repeated in an attempt to persuade Georgia legislators and other Georgia officials to illegally change the result of the November 3, 2020 presidential election in favor of Donald Trump. In furtherance of the scheme, members of the enterprise traveled from out of state to harass Freeman, intimidate him, and urge him to falsely confess to election crimes he did not commit.

The indictment describes the defendants going to the home of election activist Ruby Freeman to mislead and intimidate her.

political man,

Impeachment of Trump forces GOP to consider 2020

Trump’s press conference on Monday will force the primary field into litigation once again in 2020.

Trump announced social media site That he would hold a “major press conference” on Monday where he would present a detailed and “irrefutable report” on voter fraud three years ago.

The post had all the makings of a Four Seasons total landscaping moment. And it immediately brought the Republican Party back into the conversation it had tried to avoid for nearly three years.

There is no shocker there. Besides, it’s no surprise that Trump is shot and fingerprinted on the day of a GOP debate he won’t be attending. That way, everyone keeps an eye on him.

associated Press:

Trump enjoys strong support among Republicans. General election could be a different story

Nearly two-thirds of Republicans – 63% – now say they want the former president to run for re-election, according to new polling from the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. That’s up slightly from the 55% who said the same thing in April when a series of criminal charges against Trump surfaced. Seven in 10 Republicans now have a favorable opinion of Trump, up from 60% who said the same two months ago.

But in an important warning sign for the former president and his supporters, Trump faces serious vulnerabilities. General election, Many Americans strongly turned against him. While a majority of Republicans – 74% – say they will support him in November 2024, 53% of Americans say they definitely would not support him if he is the nominee. Another 11% say they probably will not support him in November 2024.


Jonathan V. Last/Atlantic Magazine:

Why does he think that the people who wanted to kill him will vote for him?

here’s a theory I can’t test, but I believe this to be true:

For example, if Mike Pence were to walk through the crowd at a Donald Trump rally, recent mega event Where 50,000 Trump supporters surrounded the town of Pickens, South Carolina — they’d need a security detail. without it he will not be safe, and may not be safe with either one. In fact, I find it hard to believe that any Secret Service team would agree to go on such an excursion. Many Trump Supporters Hate Pence that much,

On the contrary, I believe that Pence could safely walk through the crowd at the Joe Biden event on June 17. rally in philadelphiaWithout any security. Some Biden supporters may make lewd comments, but it seems equally likely So that others shake hands with him and thank him for saving the republic on 6th January, 2021.

Daniel Nichanian/Bolt Magazine:

‘We have a right to put this on the ballot’: how organizers are protecting direct democracy

Bolt invited three organizers to a roundtable meeting in Arkansas, Idaho, and Ohio to discuss the attacks on ballot initiatives in their respective states and the lessons learned from them.

bolt This week gathered three organizers who have fought this mobility in each of the three states it has passed: Ohio, Arkansas and Idaho. Their meeting led to a wide-ranging conversation about their shared frustrations and strategies.

Mia Lewis, Associate Director of Common Cause Ohio, was active Campaign Number 1 to beat this summer. Kwami Abdul-Bay, election coordinator for the Arkansas Public Policy Panel, helped Form A coalition to defeat a similar measure formed last year in Arkansas. As co-founder of Reclaim Idaho, Luke Mayville launches Initiative to expand Medicaid in 2018 and since then he has organized to defend the initiative process in Idaho.


Maggie Jacobs I agree with a tweet thread:

I have a doubt. No predictions. Or maybe it’s a prediction, but I won’t state it that way, because I like to be cautious. The fundamentals of American political life have changed and will continue to change in 2024. Everything is in favor of the Democrats.

This is crying. This is the plain madness of the GOP. It is a conservative court that is taking too many anti-left decisions at once, thus binding those same decisions to the conservatives who appointed them. It is also the climate. And then Generation Z. And how Generation Z interacts with all of the above.

I’ll write more about this later, but I think those who follow me know that I try to be cautious. I’m still cautious and have been feeling the same way for some time now. The feeling becomes stronger. I believe I am right. fundamentals are changing and it is of descriptive advantage to say so

I almost think it has less to do with Trump’s indictments than these interconnected things: 1. Dobbs, 2. Climate change, 3. Generation Z’s investment in both.

And, for the first time in my lifetime, SCOTUS is so unquestioningly attaching itself to multiple issues at once.

Will Bunch/Philadelphia Inquirer:

The young Honduran drowned in Greg Abbott’s Texas was named: Norlan Bayardo Herrera

We need to name the refugees needlessly killed by Texas’s brutal border crackdown.

If I had waited for the American mainstream media to write about the human beings lost due to the barbaric policies of the governor of the nation’s second largest state, I might still be waiting. This is some serious journalistic malpractice. The young man who tried to cross the Rio Grande in a more dangerous, unsafe spot and who was swept away by the waves was a 20-year-old native of Honduras. He had a name – norlan bayardo herrera — and like most refugees, she had a story to tell, if anyone had bothered to ask her survivors about it.


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