President Trump announced Thursday night that he was canceling a press conference planned for Monday in which he was to release a report on vote fraud in the 2020 Georgia presidential election. Trump announced the press conference after Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fannie Willis pleaded guilty last Monday night in the RICO case to challenge the election.

DA Fannie Willis announces Trump indictment, Aug. 14, screen image.

Trump posted on Truth Social, “Rather than releasing the report of rigging and theft in the Georgia 2020 presidential election on Monday, my attorneys would prefer to put irrefutable and overwhelming evidence of election fraud and irregularities into formal legal filings, as we Let’s fight To dismiss this outrageous indictment by a DA seeking publicity and campaign finance who sadly presides over a record breaking murder and violent crime area, Atlanta. Therefore, the news conference is no longer necessary!”

Earlier, Trump retweeted a post by Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) who posted evidence that her then-husband was a victim of vote fraud in 2020, writing, “Election Fraud in the GA 2020 Election Evidence of: When my ex-husband, Perry Green, went to vote, he was told that the SOS website showed he had already voted by absentee ballot. Perry never requested an absentee ballot, never accepted one, and was forced to stand in line to sign an affidavit to “surrender” an absentee ballot (same thing with people saying) that he never had nor did he have. He may vote in person on any other ballot. Who cast an absentee ballot in his name?”

Trump’s original announcement, “A large, complex, detailed but irrefutable report on the presidential election fraud in Georgia is nearly complete and will be presented by me at a major news conference in Bedminster on Monday next week at 11:00 a.m. ” , new Jersey. Based on the results of this findings report, all charges against me and others should be dropped – a complete acquittal! He never went after those who rigged the elections. They only went after those who fought to find Riggers!”

after Trump’s cancellation on Thursday ABC News report Earlier on Thursday his lawyers were arguing against holding the press conference (excerpts):

Former President Donald Trump’s press conference promise to refute allegations in the indictment handed down by the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office is now in great doubt, multiple sources familiar with the matter tell ABC News.

Sources told ABC News that Trump’s legal advisers told him that holding such a press conference with dubious claims of voter fraud would complicate his legal problems, and some of his lawyers advised him to cancel it. Is.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) criticized Trump online at the press conference, saying, “The 2020 election in Georgia was not stolen. For nearly three years now, anyone with evidence of the fraud – under oath – has failed to come forward and prove anything in court. Our elections in Georgia are safe, accessible and fair, and they will continue to be so as long as I am governor. The future of our country is at stake in 2024 and that should be our focus.”

Trump must appear for bookings by August 25 and arraignment is set for the week of September 5. Willis has asked the court for a March 4 hearing date for Trump and his 18 co-defendants — a day and eight days before Super Tuesday. before the Georgia presidential primary.

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