Earlier this week, we interviewed alexandra del moral mailer, the Republican candidate for Harris County Judge. Alexandra, better known as Alex Miller, contested against a very corrupt incumbent, Judge Lina Hidalgo, whose top aides were arrested while she was in office.

alex miller She is a wife and proud mother of two living in Houston Heights, a combat veteran, a Harvard JD/MBA, and a proud second generation Hispanic American. He is also a West Point graduate.

As Alex told us, Harris County is home to Houston, Texas and is the largest county in the great state of Texas. Alex said, “It is the third largest county in the country. So for scale, this would actually be the 25th state. That’s why it’s so important.”

Alex was defeated in the November 2022 election 18,183 votes (less than 2% of the vote) in a county that went to Joe Biden 2020 up to 13%918,193 for Biden, to 700,630 for President Trump.

Months after the election, Alexandra Miller could not get accurate numbers from the county regarding her race.

Alex Miller tells us about the importance of Houston and Harris County to the Democrats’ plan to turn Texas around. Alex says, “I really believe this is a battlefield. There’s no way to turn around Texas that doesn’t have Harris County. is key. And so when I was running, you had Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, all your B-list celebrities come and campaign against me. We were the second most expensive race in the state, so only the governor’s race was more expensive. I raised 10 million from local business owners Because we have always understood that this is a battlefield. And what happened in my election is absolutely unacceptable.”

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The Harris County race faced the same “problems” as Maricopa County on Election Day. They ran out of paper and the machines stopped working. how convenient.

Election officials won’t tell Alex how many areas ran out of paper on Election Day. They don’t know whether it is 27 places or 76 places. The situation is so bad. And so far, government officials blame the Houston Astros’ World Series parade for not properly equipping the campus with papers for Election Day.

Alex Miller: This is not the first time. We just saw a preview of the March primary where they literally didn’t count 10,000 ballots. And instead of trying to fix those problems, he went and hired a partisan actor. DC’s election administrator brought him in. And this was a man who even current Mayor Bowser said was outrageous, couldn’t answer basic questions. So this was not a person whose record was brilliant. In fact, when he contested the DC election, regulators called it the equivalent of a Banana Republic election. So after a terrible March primary, they bring in this guy from DC to run for me. And it really was a massive paper shortage disaster. So some polling places did not get paper at all. The reports we’re reading range from unprecedented lines to the amount of broken equipment, they talk about sending bands full of controllers. Total chaos. And what’s disappointing and the importance of what we’re doing is that every Texan should feel very confident about the election results when they actually followed the law. So I don’t know if you remember a few years ago when all the Democrats fled DC in private jets when we were trying to pass meaningful election reform.

Alex awaits the county audit by Secretary of State Jay Nelson that was previously authorized.

Alex said this on the importance of Harris County, “If we hold Harris County, Texas can’t be turned blue. And that’s why I got such strong support. Senator Cruz endorsed me in my primary. I am so grateful that he is a Harris County resident. There my family joined. And that’s a big message, is that Texas is actually becoming more of a battleground state than any of us expected because of the large out-of-state dollar impact. My opponent, over 80% of his funding was from out-of-state, while mine was pretty close to 100% Harris County.

Alex is running for election and needs your help. This race is not over.

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