We love talking about the future of golf equipment and how it will help shape the way golfers play and enjoy the game, and this week Fully Furnished Podcast We had the opportunity to speak with Mason Dennison, global footwear director at adidas Golf, about the future of golf performance footwear.

The biggest takeaway from the conversation with Masoon is that the future of golf footwear is multidimensional and driven by the many individuals who play the game. Whether it’s golfers inspired by edgy performance, modern spikeless, or those looking for a retro crossover with classical styling.

These new adidas golf shoes are engineered to beat the heat


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These ranges have been shaped by the golfers who use them and the design team’s ability to use new technology and materials to create shoes that are not only comfortable, but also lightweight, and tailored to fit each golfer. Built with performance benefits in mind.

“We are excited about the growth of the game and the many new golfers coming into the game. The versatility of styling, aesthetics, and what can be worn on the golf course is an evolving trend, and shoes that look more casual (but are loaded with performance tech) will reach new audiences. Masun continued, “Sneaker culture has influenced golf and we will continue to see collaborations that go beyond just being golf”.

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As styling has evolved and other sports have drawn inspiration, golf will always be about performance at the highest level and Masun has touched that part of the game as well.

“Technology and materials innovation will continue to lead what we are able to achieve and we are always looking for what’s next.”

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