MUNCESI, Ind. – U.S. Senator Todd Young, R-Ind., said local officials need to prepare for fewer federal dollars coming from Washington, DC.

“It’s going to be tough for a while,” Young told his audience at the ECI Regional Planning District Quarterly Meeting at the Innovation Connector Building on Tuesday.

Young said large amounts of money made available to local governments during the COVID pandemic are running out. The money would still be available but going forward a case would have to be made showing the need for it.

U.S. Senator Todd Young (left) discusses housing issues in Indiana at an ECI Regional Planning District meeting on Tuesday.  ECI staff member Michelle Baders (center) and Muncie Mayor Dan Ridenour listen.

Young came to Muncie on Tuesday to discuss the issues he and the US Senate are addressing as well as hear from constituents. The planning district leadership asked Young preemptive questions regarding some of his efforts in the Senate, including efforts to return the manufacturing of microchips to the United States.

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