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Happy birthday, Rosalyn.

cheer and cheer for Friday, 18 August 2023

Comment: A small but unpleasant reminder that Sunday is World Mosquito Day. I found a tiny pair of Garfield-eating-lasagna socks. Very beautiful.


By the numbers:

7 Days!!!

Days leading up to the start of World Water Week: 2

for days Fall Cantaloupe Festival and Country Fair In Nevada, 7

Growth in industrial production in July: 1.0%

The percentage chance that the latest economic forecast from the Federal Open Market Committee still projects a recession later this year: 0%

Age of Representative George Santos’ paid campaign fundraiser who was convicted of wire fraud and identity theft for impersonating an aide of Speaker Kevin McCarthy to receive donations: 27

rank of barbie After topping the chart, one of Warner Bros. highest-grossing domestic releases of all time dark Knight With $537 million this week: #1

There’s a one percent chance that the above numbers will make misogynist MAGA cultists curl up into a little ball and cry: 100%


Puppy picture of the day: Weekend plans…


to encourage even being so good the new York Times Have to accept it. Holy Mother of Baby Fiduciary Jesus, Batman! It must have been really troubling for him to write yesterday morning’s email from the “newspaper of record,” because bidenomics is humming along so well that even he had to admit it. Read this and cry, pessimists:

Sentiment regarding the economy has turned from pessimistic to optimistic over the past few weeks.


IInflation is down. We Jobs are still growing, but not fast enough to warrant a labor market overheating. Wages are now rising faster than prices, but not fast enough to rekindle concerns about high inflation. In short: The economy is good, but not great.

What does all this mean to you? The prospect of a job-killing, wage-destroying recession looks less likely than it has in years.

America’s central bank, the Federal Reserve, is working to calm the economy and with it inflation through 2022. Yet each move by the Fed to raise the cost of borrowing money carried a risk – namely, of going too far and causing an economic recession. Although it is too early for the Fed to declare victory, economists are now more optimistic that the economy will make a so-called soft landing: prices will stabilize without a recession

What can we say? Biden-Harris 2024.

to encourage For Made Mrs. Republicans used to be very good at marching in lockstep. But now their most recent president and the current undisputed head of the party has been charged with 91 (coughcreedcough), they are all unrelated. And there is no better example than these two veterans of the Senate reading different scripts in response to Trump’s leadership role at the moment. 6 January 2021 Rebellion and how it should be dealt with:

Mitch McConnell’s BFF Lindsey Graham, This week, “It should be decided at the ballot box, not in a bunch of liberal jurisdictions trying to put the guy in jail.”

Lindsey Graham’s BFF Mitch McConnell, February 2021, “President Trump is still accountable for everything he did while in office. … We have a criminal justice system in this country [and] We have a civil lawsuit. And former presidents are not exempt from being accountable to anyone.”

Your GOP, ladies and gentlemen. They don’t have any furniture of their own making that they won’t eventually bump into.

to encourage For the good ones in the past. As part of his ‘War on Poverty’, President Lyndon Johnson signed economic opportunity act 59 Years ago this week. This included funding for vocational training, loans to farmers and merchants, the establishment of a domestic version of the Peace Corps, and community action programs. Or, as modern Republicans call them: Ick, Blake, Yuk, and Feh.


brief discretionary pause



end brief discretionary breaks


to encourage Till #23. Happy birthday to Benjamin Harrison, who was born on a Sunday August 20, 1833 In north bend, ohio, As president from 1889 to 1893, he was the filling in Grover’s Cleveland sandwiches. And what a party animal! From the secret life of We presidents By Cormac O’Brien:

[I]The man who had been a staunch Presbyterian president was a virtual corpse.

cold, cold, cold-Words like these were regularly used to describe the unpleasant experience of meeting privately with the man. […]

“I’m not wearing pants.”

Senator Thomas Platt was the person who coined the nickname “White House Iceberg”. As Platt explained, “Inside the Executive Mansion, at the reception for those who requested official appointments, [Harrison] He was as snowy as a Siberian stripped of its fur. During and after an interview, if one could secure it, he would feel like pulling on his winter flannel, galoshes, overcoat, gloves and earflaps even in rough weather.”

even HarrisonThe handshake was a flop, being compared to “a withered petunia”.

Like Mike Pence. zero attraction.

to encourage For houseplant. A quick recap of TV shows for the weekend, starting with tonight’s Friday news dump from Chris Hayes and Alex Wagner that landed in our collective laps today. Chris Christie will take on Trump at 8:30 p.m. on PBS firing line, Or you can join me and Trekkie Posse tonight at 8ET as we live-tweet the original series episodes savage curtain (Through H&I Network) on the hashtag #allstartrek,

Little League World Series this weekend. key thing to remember: “When you slide down to third place and you feel the juicy turmeric, diarrhea! Diarrhea!”

The most popular movies and streamers, new and old, are all reviewed here on rotten tomatoes, (superhero movie blue beetle R-rated animated Will Ferrell feature is getting good reviews Rogue Not so much.) Tomorrow night at 8 p.m. most networks will have a gathering of stars stand up to cancer wealth accumulation baseball schedule is here And this WNBA schedule is here, little league world series Going on now, and the latest games will air tomorrow and Sunday afternoon on ABC and ESPN. Oh, and there’s the Women’s World Cup soccer final—England vs. Spain—which will air Sunday at 2 p.m. on Fox.

on Sunday 60 minutes: Reports on stories that are so startling that it is not known what they are until they are broadcast.

Now here’s your Sunday morning lineup:

meet the Press: Government. Tim Walz (D-MN) and Doug Burgum (MAGA Cult-ND).

Sunday afternoon.

CNN’s State of the Union, FEMA Administrator Dean Criswell; Senator Bill Cassidy (MAGA Cult-LA); former Governor Larry Hogan (R-MD); David Axelrod, Paul Begala.

Face the Nation: Governor Josh Green (D-HI); Dean Creswell; Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass (D); CBS polling man Anthony Salvanto with new poll numbers; Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb.

This week: Dean Creswell; Mike Pence; Former US Attorney Preet Bharara.

Fox GOP Talking Points Sunday: future cleaning lady Nikki Haley with a cigarette butt hanging from her lips; Governor Kim Reynolds (MAGA Cult-IA).

viewing pleasure!


Ten years ago in C&J: 18 August 2013

to encourage Strange look for the tough guy. Besides knowing that professional wrestling is mostly a highly-choreographic (and sweaty how they sweat) stage show, my interest in it ended at the intersection of Andre the Giant Avenue and Rowdy Roddy Piper Boulevard. but i know wwe is macho theaterso it’s good to see the organization official response Headliner Darren Young’s exit from the closet and on his way to Pride Parade grand marshaldom:

But tmz this morning, WWE Superstar Darren Young (Fred Rosser) revealed to the WWE Universe that he is gay. WWE is proud of Darren Young for being open about his sexuality and we will continue to support him as a WWE Superstar. Today, in fact, Darren will be participating in one of our Be A Star anti-bullying rallies. los angeles Teaching children how to create a positive environment for everyone regardless of age, race, religion or sexual orientation.

The reaction of his fellow WWE stars shows they are big hearted, In fact, tonight I hear they’ll be in group hugs before beating each other to death with folding chairs.


And just one more…

to encourage For the people with the greatest first names on the planet. 42Ra chairman Bill Clinton Tomorrow he will be 77 years old. some clintonian Fun facts,

Clinton He is one of 8 left-handed presidents. with leftist predecessors Bush I and Reagan, America From 1981 to 2001, it was headed by Southeastern presidents.

President Bill Clinton with Chocolate Lab Buddy
Buddy and Bubba. For all its flaws—and it does have many—at least #42 has excellent pet taste.

In 1996, President Clinton became the first Democrat since Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1936 to be elected to a second term. (Obama was elected to a second term 16 years later.)

He is the only President who is a Rhodes Scholar.

Clinton He was 16 when in 1963, just four months before Kennedy’s death, he shook hands with President John F. Kennedy. Clinton He later said that they started “shaking hands” in line to meet JFK at the Boyce Nation event.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” Speech So Touched a Teen Clinton That he memorized the entire speech immediately after giving it.

In his negative column: DOMA, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, DLC, Monica, the repeal of Glass-Steagall, NAFTA, and I hear he reed-synched his sax solo. arsenio, In his plus column: Charming, Scary Intelligent, Bush I, Dole and Perot Defeated, Gingrich Humiliated, Economy Calm, McDonald’s Addiction Defeated, Oklahoma City Bombing Speech Was Sympathetic, Engaged Humanitarian, Bosnian Campaign Won, blasted Romney to robotic piece by piece at the 2012 Charlotte Democratic convention, and is just relaxing and enjoying retirement these days. Overall: A president whose camels deserve a blessing. Oh, almost forgot: Regards to Missus.

Have a great weekend. The floor is open… What are you cheering for today?


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