on Tuesday, Donald Trump announced that he has a “big, complex, detailed but irrefutable report on presidential election fraud in Georgia…” which he will present on Monday at 11 a.m. Based on that report, Trump insisted, all charges should be dropped and he could receive a “complete exoneration”.

Of course, there’s nothing quite like how the legal system works. But it doesn’t matter, because now the chicken’s wings are flying and no “irrefutable reports” are going to come.

Instead, Trump went back to his failed social media platforms on Thursday night and made an announcement so poorly worded that it would embarrass a fool. The big news conference is “no longer necessary” because someone has finally managed to reach Trump that he is digging his own legal grave.

earlier in the day, ABC News Trump’s lawyers were reported to be trying to make it clear to him that lying on camera was already part of a criminal act. indictment Issued by the Fulton County, Georgia, grand jury “will only complicate his legal problems.” Because in America (and probably everywhere else), repeating lies that are already getting you in trouble, in a forum where no one gets a chance to challenge those lies, can only make things worse. Better not.

What those lawyers said to Trump is unclear, but they certainly deserve some kind of recognition because they managed to shake Trump so hard that he finally broke through his thick orange shell. how serious This has become the situation. Convincing Trump to make a statement in which he gave up national airtime because “my lawyers would prefer” that things be done legally is a major achievement. And just look at that strategic “I believe” that Trump apparently inserted just to give it that extra soup of “I-I-was-just-giving-an-opinion.” This is some good advocacy.

But the cancellation of the speech is very disappointing. It’s frustrating for Trump, who rarely gets his time in front of the hot, sweaty lights. It’s frustrating for Trump fans, who can’t do what they do when he’s speaking. But most of all, it’s frustrating for Fulton County District Attorney Fannie Willis and her team of investigators, who surely sharpened a whole series of pencils to write a dozen or so new criminal acts.

There were also at least two judges who must have come to see how badly Trump would go about crushing his directives. Also, Judge Eileen Cannon of Florida would have been there…that’s all Trump fans do when they’re watching.

In any case, it’s a wonder anyone managed to reach out to Trump about how every yes he uttered could be measured in years of fresh indictments. Some? voices on social media He also suggested that Trump is concerned about upsetting this group of lawyers because he is not sure there are anyone else out there who would take him on as a client. Especially in addition to the abundant evidence that he’s a terrible customer who rarely pays his bills, the case in Georgia — and the two federal cases — present little prospect of Trump walking away unscathed.

So for the time being, Trump will have to bite his lip, grimace and go without television appearances to please his lawyers.

But Trump’s fake remorse is unlikely to last. After all, if Trump can’t let his mouth run wild, isn’t he already in jail?

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