Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday urged the G20 countries to facilitate equal access to technology and also appealed to them to open up innovation for the public good. Addressing the G20 Health Ministers’ meeting in Gujarat’s capital Gandhinagar via video link, he called upon all to be prepared to prevent, prepare and respond to the next health emergency.

Modi said, digital solutions and innovation are useful tools to make our efforts equitable and inclusive.

The Prime Minister said, “The Global Initiative on Global Health will bring various digital health initiatives on a common platform. Let us open up our innovations for the public good. Let us avoid duplication of funding.” “Let us facilitate equitable access to technology,” he said. This initiative will allow countries in the Global South to narrow the gap in healthcare delivery. It will take us a step closer to our goal of achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Will take you closer.” He told the G20 members that India will eliminate Tuberculosis (TB) well before the global deadline with the help of people’s participation. “We have called upon the people of the country to become Ni-Kshaya Mitras for TB elimination. Under this, around 1 million patients have been adopted by the citizens. Now we are well on our way to achieve TB elimination much ahead of the target. ” Global target of 2030,” Modi said.

“We must be ready to prevent, prepare and respond to the next health emergency (such as COVID-19).

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first published: 18 August 2023 | 5:05 pm First

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