Marcus Davenport A few days before his wedding preparations, he was visiting his best man when he received a call from his new head coach, Kevin O’Connell.

minnesota vikings just drafted Jordan Addison, Call it first-round privilege, but the rookie wide receiver wore the No. 3 jersey his entire life. It was Davenport’s original choice when he signed as a free agent with Minnesota last month, but the sixth-year outside linebacker agreed to make the switch while keeping his mind happily preoccupied with an impending nuptials.

The numbers were all claimed in the 90s, and Davenport had no interest in negotiating or pressuring a trade with a teammate.

Then he made the first of many wise decisions as a married man: He listened to his wife.

Davenport recalled in a recent post-practice interview with the Vikings, “She was like, ‘No one’s ever really had a zero. Why don’t you split up? It’s a new chapter, a new one. You.” “I like to think of zero as the beginning and the end, so I said, ‘Let me just make this jump.'”

Of course, Davenport became the first player to wear number 0 in purple since it’s first season. NFL has given its permission.

unusual numbers are used regularly college football and in the nba, But for an organization that was once derisively known as the “No Fun League”, this latest concession on the even number rule was greeted with another warm reception by the players. Two years ago, the NFL made several major changes, including allowing quarterbacks, punters and kickers to coveted single digits, including allowances for every position except offensive lineman and defensive lineman.

As of this week, 22 of the 32 NFL teams no longer have a hero. The Seven Are On Offense: Running Back Naiham Hines ,Billsinjured) and d’andre swift ,Eagles) and wide receiver braxton berrios ,Dolphin, Paris Campbell ,Giants, Marvin Jones Jr. ,Lions, zach pascal ,Cardinals) And Calvin Ridley ,jaguar,

Including Davenport, there are 15 defensive players who hold this smallest mark, perhaps a sign of increased attention in a sport that devotes so much focus and prominence to the skill position on the other side of the ball. There are other edge rushers Brian Burns ,panthers, devin bush ,seahawks, lorenzo carter ,Falcon, Jonathan Cooper ,Broncos, yes yes diabetes ,buccaneers, roquan smith ,crows) And byron young ,rams, Completing the list include defensive backs Adrian Amos ,jet, desmond king ,texans, Shaun Murphy-Bunting ,titans, Greg Newsome ,Brown’s, Ugo Umadi ,Saints, Samuel Womack ,49ers) and linebacker Diane Henley ,chargers,

The only players excluded from wearing number 0 are offensive linemen, who are still limited to 50–79, and defensive linemen, who still range between 50–79 and 90–99.

Bush faced a similar situation to Davenport after the Seahawks drafted a wide receiver in the first round Jackson Smith-Njigba Who wanted his old number 11.

“I was like, ‘Okay, it’s okay,'” Bush said. “You get the draft once, so I gave up the number. I didn’t tax it. I didn’t charge him. So he’s lucky. But at the end he has zero open, and I said, ‘Why? No?'”

Some decisions were more benign. After moving from the Eagles to the Cardinals, Pascal wanted to stick with single digits and found zero as his only option.

Jones, who returned to the Lions for the second time after playing the last two seasons for the Jaguars, chose to zero in on the urging of his children.

“I just said yes,” Jones said. “I couldn’t think of anything.”

Davenport’s wife, Alexandra, was having something to do with the new beginnings. Murphy-Bunting also changed teams from the Buccaneers to the Titans.

“New position, new environment, why not start fresh?” said Murphy-Bunting, who wanted to remain with the number 26 he wore with Tampa Bay, but found it had already been taken by a teammate. Christian Fulton,

Henley, a Chargers rookie, picked No. 10 in high school and No. 11 and No. 1 in college.

Henley said, “I think this is an opportunity to remember.” “Obviously wanting to be a good player is wonderful, but to be the first good player in that number is even better. So I see this as another opportunity to set the standard.”

Carter, who gave the quarterback his old number 9 desmond ridder, found audible symmetries in the void with his nickname “Zoe”. He wore number 7 in college Georgia,

Carter said, “As a beginner I stuck to 95 or 59. I took 59.” “I wasn’t a huge numbers person, but it was great to have a chance to get back in that single digit.”

Ridder took number 4 as a rookie with the Falcons. Carter had declined his request for No. 9 the previous year.

“But he came in there, and made some plays, and he earned his job,” Carter said.

For the record, Ridley actually sees himself wearing the letter ‘O’ – not the number 0. He was one of the first players to announce his decision. His middle name is Orin, hence the inspiration.

“Where I’m from, they call me ‘The Original,'” said Ridley, who is in his first season with the Jaguars after serving a one-year suspension from the NFL for in-game gambling. “I’m the original. I’m the first. I definitely wanted to be the first to get it.”

Davenport considered No. 11 as representative of the two first-round draft selections sent to the Saints. PACKERS To move up 13 places and knock it out in 2018 Texas-San Antonio,

Davenport said, “For a while, I took a lot of pressure on myself.” “That probably hindered me.”

Now he can look at his jersey number and feel free and special.

Bush said, “I think it draws more fans.” “Seeing a linebacker wearing a zero, you won’t forget it.”

Reporting by The Associated Press.

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