CMI Orchards introduces its new pear-packing technology with benefits for retailers and consumers. She’s been working for some time on a recent expansion of the company on the technology used to pack, store and sell pears and is thrilled to be able to share it, Sarah Barclay of CMI, Domestic Sales and Pears lead a.

Barkley says the size of the pears can prove a challenge when automating pear packing.

Among the innovations being developed and expanded is a new vent pattern that provides efficiency at the warehouse level. “Most of the steps in pear packing are manual; The pear shape can prove a challenge when it comes to automating the process, so any modernization effort drives down costs,” says Barclay. “This new vent pattern helps streamline the process as well as improve airflow—which is critical for controlling temperature and maintaining moisture on the packing line and throughout the ripening process.” Reduction in any step in the packing process reduces cost, and this new vent pattern will eliminate that entire step.

This new vent pattern will eliminate a step in the packing process.

Barclay says that implementing the SmartHarvest mobile ripening units is another step in the company’s growth processes. “Empowering our customers to confidently sense the ripeness of their fruit and having influence over the ripening process ensures that retailers get more bang for their money,” she says. “With this development, retailers can offer their customers pears that are at optimum ripeness at the time of purchase and ensure the best and consistent eating quality at home, attracting repeat customers and increasing product department increase sales in

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