The Muskegon voter fraud investigation, based on a 2020 police report, suggests that 8000-10000 fraudulent voter applications a day were submitted, and another batch of 2,500 were covered up illegally by denying access to the underlying documents going. Multiple requests by Gateway Pundit to review this evidence of systemic voter fraud have been denied, even though the denial is against state law.

Gateway Pundit went and requested access to these voter registration applications in the City of Muskegon Under two separate provisions of Michigan law.

The TGP asked to personally inspect voter records pursuant to a citizen’s right to inspect them, which was denied on the grounds that They claim they no longer have the records Because they were confiscated by law enforcement. Muskegon Clerk Ann Meesh told The Gateway Pundit she doesn’t have any records or even any copies of them.

In accordance with Michigan’s Open Records Law, TGP also asked, which is called “FOIA” Freedom of Information Act, be permitted to view the public records maintained by the Clerk or to obtain a copy with amended privacy information. That too has now been rejected.

There is no provision in Michigan law that allows a clerk to deny the public access for visual review of these documents, but they are doing so illegally anyway.

There is no provision that allows law enforcement to seize such public documents and remove them from public review, but they are doing it illegally nonetheless.

The request was sent to the Muskegon Clerk, but was denied by the Muskegon Police Department.

Muskegon Police and Muskegon City Attorney jon shrire With apparent internal inconsistencies in their reasoning, they also object to the release of these documents. They say they cannot release the fraudulent applications because of ‘privacy concerns’, but also because they are subject to ‘ongoing criminal investigations’.

This also matches what the Muskegon City Police told TGP. Confidentially, a source told Gateway Pundit that, despite what the police have said about the federal authorities taking away all the files, He has kept a copy of the voter registration documents in the city.

The city may have given the originals to the FBI, but copies of these documents may still confirm the extensive fraud perpetrated by GBI Strategies. There is no legal authority to deny the public access to these public documents.,

If the applications are fictitious, there is no privacy interest involved because the names were fictitious. If the names of possibly 12,000 or more people were stolen in an identity theft case, why has no one been charged with such a crime in the past three years? in private, Muskegon Police have told us they are disappointed with the way this matter is being handled and confirm that their original police report is entirely accurate.,

They can’t have it both ways. If the applications were fake: there is no privacy interest. If the applications were genuine: why weren’t they entered in the voter file?

These ballot applications, even fraudulent ones, are capable of inspection by the public under Michigan law. Gateway Pundit wishes to examine these files to show that they were clearly fraudulent, leaving no doubt why the authorities want to deny us access to these files.

This is an ongoing cover-up of systemic election fraud that election investigators have been tackling for years since the 2020 election.

Chris Cajula, a local election integrity investigator, told Gateway Pundit:

“When we first did the FOIA to the Muskegon City Clerk, he didn’t even know he had received one. He had a special mailbox that he never looked at. Even after I say It took them 86 days to process my simple FOIA For a list of everyone who voted in 2020. Our group asked for poll book information, and you have a right to have it, but they refused us on the grounds that it was possibly ‘personal information’. They could have revised it and sent it to us, but instead they rejected us outright.”

Election Integrity Investigator Chris Caizala

Cajula continued, “They denied us even basic pollbook information. we think they did it because They don’t want us to see what they’re doing, The first time I asked them for the absentee ballot list, they declined that as well, and then when I fought for it they finally sent it, but they made sure to do extra work to make it inaccessible to us. other requests they just ignore, I can’t find a lawyer who can sue them, They don’t care about us or the law. We are supposed to have a right to this information, but really it depends on which clerk you’re dealing with, it’s not the rule of law we’re dealing with, it’s the clerk’s rule is,” said Chris Cazala, election integrity investigator in Muskegon County.

The obvious reason for obstruction of law enforcement controlled by far-left extremist officials like Dana Nessel and far-left Attorney General Merrick Garland is that the topics involved are intertwined. 70+ leftist campaign organizationsand was part of a larger effort to defeat Trump no matter where he got the money from dozens of prominent leftist billionaires,

Gateway Pundit is breaking news related to the Muskegon voter fraud investigationwhere we revealed a previously suppressed Police reports Regarding systemic voter fraud in the 2020 election and that the alleged investigation has been pending for three years, contrary to the many public statements and lies of Dana Nessel, Michigan’s far-left Attorney General, that there was no evidence of voter fraud.

Nessel’s own office has been covering up and suppressing this investigation for years. Dana Nessel is a chronic liar.

Far left extremist Dana Nessel

They When we reached in person to inspect the documents, TGP was not allowed to see the documentsTell us that the FBI is taking possession of the documents and hiding the criminality in the case. The GBI was operating illegally, but none of the laws they broke have been enforced,

Police reports suggest crimes such as cheating, forgery, conspiracy, mail fraud, identity theft, but still no charges have been filed in nearly three years. The presence of preloaded credit cards potentially used to bribe people to vote is all but a battleground state of this billionaire-funded state engaged in potentially widespread, systemic voter fraud. Where is the serious investigation of the outside company?

During this, Far-left extremist Dana Nessel is suing his 2022 Republican opponent Matt DePernoe and former state representative Dior Rendon for daring to investigate. fraud among voting machines, as well as 16 Elderly 2020 Trump Electors Tortured,

FOIA Denial Letter,

our original request,

Our Original TGP FOIA Request from the City Clerk for Voter Application Records

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