Wildfires Blaze in Hawaii’s Historic Lahaina

At least 111 people have died due to this rapid movement Airport Forest fire Causing widespread destruction in the city of Lahaina.

As search efforts continue, residents of Maui There are reports that investors and realtors are trying to take advantage of the wildfires to buy land from local people.

Governor Josh Green said at a press conference that he intended to “make sure no one is victimized by the land grab” and called on investors and relatives not to approach Maui residents with any proposals.

“We will not allow this,” Mr Green said.

Hawaii’s governor said he expected it would cost $5 billion or more to rebuild the burned area of ​​Maui. Already, federal, state and local relief aid has been directed to Mouard.

Reconstruction will begin once search teams complete the search for the victims’ bodies – only 35 percent of the burned area has been examined.

mr green believes the death toll It will increase every day as more people join.

The official cause of the fire has still not been determined.


Discover the Vanishing Moves Beyond Lahaina

Ashes and debris in a painstaking search for human remains have covered at least 45 percent of homes in Lahaina, Governor Josh Green said Thursday.

Officials say the search for the missing has expanded beyond Lahaina to other devastated communities.

However, it will likely continue for at least another week.

The Honolulu Division of the FBI said it is assisting Maui police in locating and identifying the missing people. Immediate family members who are on Maui can provide DNA samples starting Friday at the Hyatt Regency at Ka’anapali, and others can contact the FBI for instructions.

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Maui Power Authority Responds to Criticism

The Hawaii Electricity Authority has responded to criticism for leaving power lines running amid high winds.

A video shows a cable dangling in a charred patch of grass engulfed in flames in the opening moments, prompting speculation that a downed line could be a possible cause of the wildfire.

“Facts regarding this incident will continue to develop,” Hawaiian Electric CEO Shelley Kimura wrote in an email to utility customers on Thursday, according to the AP.

“And while we won’t have answers for some time, we are committed, working with many others, to finding out what happened as we continue to focus our immediate efforts on Maui’s restoration and rebuilding.” ”

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WATCH: Maui official explains why he didn’t sound siren before Hawaii wildfires

Maui officials explain why they didn’t sound the siren before the Hawaii wildfires

Stuti Mishra18 August 2023 05:30


Maui’s emergency services chief resigns after facing criticism

The head of the Maui emergency management agency abruptly resigned Thursday, a day after saying he had no regrets for not using sirens to warn residents about a wildfire that destroyed Lahaina’s historic seaside resort. devastated the community and killed at least 111 people.

That decision by the agency, directed by Administrator Herman Andaya, as well as a lack of water hampering firefighters and the escape route being clogged with vehicles, has drawn sharp criticism from many residents.

Maui County announced on Facebook that Endaya’s resignation was accepted immediately by Mayor Richard Bissen. Endaya cited unspecified health reasons, and gave no further details.

“Given the seriousness of the crisis we are facing, my team and I will be looking to appoint someone to this important position as soon as possible,” Mr Bisen said in the statement.

The day before, Andaya had defended the decision not to sound the siren when the flames broke out. Hawaii is known to have the largest system of outdoor alert sirens in the world.

“We feared that people might have gone to the crime scene,” Mr. Andaya said, using a Hawaiian word that means inland or toward a mountain. “If that were the case, they would have gone into the fire.”

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Karine Jean-Pierre suffered a social media mishap as she posted messages to Biden’s account

‘When I ran for president, I promised I would leave no part of the country behind,’ the White House press secretary unexpectedly announced on social media.

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WATCH: Kamala Harris quips climate heckler during Massachusetts speech: ‘I’m speaking out’

Kamala Harris quizzes climate heckler during Massachusetts speech

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Who Are the Victims of the Maui Wildfires?

At least 106 people have died and thousands more are missing in a fierce wildfire in Maui, as they were forced to flee their homes.

“We are sorry that we have suffered so much,” Hawaii Governor Josh Green said during a news conference on Tuesday.

Mr Green said he expected the death toll to rise every day as recovery teams and cadaver dogs continued to search the burned area in Lahaina, Maui. Even as the death toll rises, only a few of the 111 have been identified.

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Biden declined to answer when asked about air travel

When reporters asked President Joe Biden to share details about his trip to Hawaii, he declined to comment, as the president continues to face criticism for his response to the wildfires.

“Can you tell us about your air travel, sir?” a reporter asked.

Mr. Biden hesitated for a moment and then said, “No, not now.”

The president reiterated that he would be in Maui on Monday with First Lady Jill Biden.

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Maui wildfire survivors face new threat from chemical contamination that could linger

Maui residents have been warned that wildfires burning since August 8 have polluted water, air and soil and could pose a health risk in the coming months.

The deadly wildfire has killed at least 99 people, and destroyed an estimated 2,700 buildings around Lahaina, containing hazardous household waste, treated lumber, paint and other toxic materials, officials said.

The Hawaii Department of Health warns that ash and dust from burned homes and businesses can contain deadly toxic chemicals such as asbestos, arsenic and lead.

He also advised residents to wear surgical masks such as N95 and goggles, gloves and closed-toe shoes to avoid skin contact with the ash.

He also warned people to avoid washing ash down drains or using a vacuum, which would spread carcinogenic particles into the air.

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Maui officials defend decision not to sound outdoor sirens when wildfires approach

Officials in Maui, Hawaii, believe that sounding a local alarm before wildfires spread to many areas will not be useful, they said at a news conference on Wednesday.

As the death toll in Maui continues to rise every day, questions are being raised over officials who decided not to activate their emergency alert system and stop Lahaina before the fast-growing fire reached populated areas. Like sirens sounded near coastal cities.

Ariana Bio17 August 2023 at 23:00

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