Jaxtoban Secondary School advises its outgoing students to incorporate ICT in all their endeavours.

Speaking at the school’s 25th graduation service/graduation, titled ‘Rise and Shine’, guest speaker, Mr. Tim Akano told the school dropouts that technology was inevitable.

He said that for greatness it is always beneficial to delay gratification.

“Don’t forget to pick up technology with whatever you are learning, it has become an indispensable tool. From today and forever make sure you see something new, when you read make sure you learn something. Learn to delay gratification and stay on target because there is no shortcut to success. Also, you are never too young to give back to your environment, and above all, find God and connect God with whatever you choose to do,” he advised.

Mr. Emmanuel Ojo, Chairman of the Board of Governors of Jaxtoban School, said, “As you move on to the next phase of your educational pursuit, remember that bad communication corrupts good manners. You cannot afford to tarnish your name or drag yourself into the mud by making any wrong decision at any point of time. Don’t follow the crowd to do evil because there is a price to be paid for being incorruptible like Joseph in the house of Portifer.

The Principal, Mrs Kemi Akinyemi asked the students not to compromise on trivial freedom, adding that they have to shine in the dark and crooked world.

He said, “Keep before your eyes the value of honesty, hard work, diligence and honesty that you have been taught here. The Lord will empower you to fulfill your dreams in Jesus name.

“Never tire of learning; Rather, rekindle your passion and desire to learn. Always strive for continuous excellence. “However, as bright ambassadors of this great institution, I urge you not to indulge in any form of corruption that harms our society. The world eagerly awaits the gifts and talents that each of you brings to the fore.

The finalist was Jesutofunmi Adebayo.

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