AWEIL launches India's first long range revolver 'Prabal' (.32 bore)

AWEIL launches India’s first long range revolver ‘Prabal’ (.32 bore). (Photo posted by @NewsIADN on X)

The country’s first long-range side swing revolver ‘Prabal’ with “twice the range of other revolvers” was launched on Friday for citizens and arms dealers.

Manufactured by the Kanpur-based state-owned enterprise Advanced Weapons and Equipment India (AWEIL), the Prabal revolver boasts of a firing range of up to 50 metres, said Acting Director Rajeev Sharma.

Sharma said that the .32 bore revolver is capable of hitting the target accurately up to 50 meters away.

“This range is more than double that of other revolvers currently in production, establishing the Prevail as the leader in long-range handguns,” he added.

He added, “The feature that sets the Prevail apart from its counterparts is the inclusion of a side swing out cylinder. This innovative design element eliminates the need to turn the gun over for cartridge insertion, simplifying the reloading process.” Creates and enhances user convenience.”

Sharma said the single and double action ‘Prabal’ revolver weighs 675 grams (excluding cartridges). That said, it has a chrome plated barrel length of 76 mm and an overall length of 187.7 mm.

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