Newsmax’s Rob Schmidt highlights the significance of the Oversight Committee’s bombshell email released Thursday morning.

The House Oversight Committee now has evidence that Joe Biden was using at least three different pseudonyms when conducting illegal business deals with foreign actors while he was Vice President.

This was devastating information.

Rob Schmidt: Joe Biden had a nickname that he was using when he was the Vice President of the United States. Only one person sent that email, Robert L. Peters was copied. Do you know who that person was? Hunter Biden, who at the time was getting paid one million dollars a year to work for a dirty energy company based in Ukraine. At the time, in the spring of 2016, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko fired prosecutor Viktor Shokin after Joe Biden threatened to withhold a billion dollars of our money. Of course, the move has become famous now that Biden bragged about it two years later…

…a moment that will always haunt Joe Biden. So let’s just noodle with it for a moment. It is clear that Biden wanted information about this phone call with Poroshenko, aside from his work email. but this document was not sent [email protected] It was sent to “Robert L. Peters” and was also sent to his son.

Just sit and think about some non-frightening reason for it for a few minutes. One non-catastrophic reason is that Joe Biden would need an email alias, “Robert Peters,” which is a completely fake identity. Why would that identity be linked to her son who also got the same email? 50 year old man who was getting dirty money from all over the world and family was also getting paid. Try as hard as you can to think of a reason that isn’t outright corrupt for this type of behavior. Eat noodles with it all night and try to think of something. Tweet this at me. I wish you good luck. I’ve been thinking about it all day, I can’t think of anyone. And you start to wonder where else the emails from “Robert L. Peters” show up. And there were other aliases that Biden used – “Robin Ware” and “JRB Ware.”

How many honest people do you know who aren’t loyal government spies who would need multiple aliases? Think about it and remember that earlier Joe Biden used our money to oust Viktor Shokin to benefit Burisma. In 2014, the United States engaged in an effort to recover assets that were held by Mykola Zlochevsky, the owner of Burisma. He’s Hunter Biden’s boss. The man who says he paid Joe and Hunter $5 million for protection from the government of Ukraine, where his company operates. He had the properties of the people of Ukraine. The United States was trying to get assets from this man back to the people of Ukraine, and Hunter Biden and his father were being paid to protect them from that process.

It was devastating.

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