Landslides have damaged fruit, reducing supply and driving up prices

Apples will become costlier by 20-25 per cent as apple growing areas in Himachal Pradesh have been affected due to rains and landslides.

According to a report, regions like Shimla, Kullu-Manali and Jammu and Kashmir are facing difficulty in transporting their produce to the markets. The Economic Times (ET).

Landslides have damaged the fruit, reducing supply and driving up prices.

To adapt to the current situation, farmers are reducing the package size and delivering apples as soon as they are harvested.

During the last week, the prices of apples have increased from Rs 120 per kg to Rs 200 per kg.

increase in transportation cost

An apple distributor said that several tempos carrying apples were stuck on the Himachal Pradesh route, due to which the fruits were rotting.

Wholesalers who buy apples from farmers in Himachal said the transportation cost has gone up.

A supplier said that due to road closures and inclement weather conditions in Himachal Pradesh, “the transportation cost has gone up by Rs 20-25 per box.”

A basket containing about 25-26 kg of Shimla apples, which sold for Rs 2,800 last year, now sells for Rs 3,500 in the wholesale market.

Banana prices have also increased due to less supply just before the festive season. Banana prices have reached Rs 100 per kg.

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