Looking at the mainstream media this past week, you’d almost forget there’s a war brewing in Eastern Europe between our arch-enemy Russia and breakout hip underdog Ukraine. But don’t be fooled; The proxy war we are waging with Russia is still ongoing and is not reaching any clear conclusion.

Finally, some are already reaching the conclusion that the rest of us with little background in foreign policy and war strategy were here when this war first started. Ukraine is not winning the war, and Russian President Vladimir Putin is not “on the ropes”.

Let’s delve deeper into a Republican lawmaker’s revelations and what the future inevitably holds for the beleaguered Ukrainian people.

Now you want to be realistic?

Congressman Andy Harris of Maryland, co-chair of the Congressional Ukraine Caucus, told At a recent town hall, his constituents told how the battle was going:

“Is it more stalemate? Should we be realistic about this? I think maybe we should do that.”

Too bad Congressman Harris didn’t choose to be realistic before wholeheartedly endorsing previous large aid packages for Ukraine. He said of the long-awaited but extremely disappointing Ukraine counteroffensive:

“I will say frankly, it has failed. I’m not sure it’s winnable now.”

Whoa, catch a tick. Are you telling us that Ukraine can’t repel the big bad Russian aggressor with our billions of dollars in aid and weapons?

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say it is not so; It almost seems as if the United States has participated in every foreign engagement since World War II.

Congressman Obsius further explained:

“I think the time has come to actually call for peace talks. I know that President Zelensky does not want this. But President Zelensky, without our help, would have lost the war badly. And with our help, he’s not winning. Now it is deadlocked.”

Unfortunately, this will require the Biden administration to admit failure, and we all know how well they do that.

Money will fix it, won’t it?

Congressman Harris, who has arguably been a strong supporter of President Zelensky and aid to Ukraine, claims that his willingness to sign more blank checks is waning:

“If there’s humanitarian funding, non-military funding, or military funding without an Inspector General, I’m not supporting it.”

Given the opposition from the Pentagon, Republicans and Democrats, the Ukraine funds are unlikely to be approved by the special inspector general. The bipartisan and defense apparatus argues that the inspectors general of each department are “already monitoring” how well funds and supplies are allocated.

I’m sure they would prefer for us to ignore the fact that accounting errors have plagued the Pentagon and, of course, that the findings of rampant corruption, fraud and waste in Afghanistan were discovered by the special inspector general who was tasked with doing so. were capable of. Take the whole of government approach. But let’s put all that aside for the time being.

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President Biden is expected to be seeking for We will add $24 billion in emergency funding to Ukraine on top of the $113 billion we’ve already sent in military, financial, and humanitarian aid.

Congressman Harris gets the gist right:

“…we don’t have that kind of money.”

I want to believe that Mr. Harris and the rest of the GOP will stand firm against more funding for Ukraine. However, with whispers that there will be supplementary funding tied My hopes are not very high on the disaster relief fund.

breeding ground for bad actors

While the United States is well versed in dirty political pools, such as cobbling together unrelated funds to score costly victories, Ukraine could also write the book on government corruption. transparency International lists Ukraine is the second most corrupt country in Europe.

Which country is ranked #1 in terms of being most corrupt – Russia. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has taken such steps as if he wants to root out corruption in his country.

recently he removed Every one of their field military recruiters, who were forging documents claiming they were unfit for duty, recruited recruits at $10,000 a pop. President of the Ukrainian Supreme Court removed For taking bribes worth millions of dollars.

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In addition, he had six deputy ministers and five regional administrators. sacked wait for it…corruption. Now I know that everyone wants to believe that even the very charismatic President Zelensky is not corrupt.

Still, I find it hard to believe that there is no stain on this man surrounded by rampant corruption. And while President Zelensky claims that Ukraine’s victory is nothing short of a complete withdrawal of all Russian troops from Ukraine – one has to wonder whether this is his end game or whether he has been more realistic from the start.

final match

Lately Russian General Alexander Khodakovsky told From reporters:

“Can we take down Ukraine militarily? Now and in the near future, no.”

General Khodakovsky further stated that he believed that if the war continued, it would end with “neither peace nor war”. It seems like an impasse; Then again, few people are, and perhaps have been, more realistic about this proxy war in the region than the countries funding this conflict.

I would argue that Russia’s intention was never to “win” the war, but only to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO, which was their stated point. Contrary to what the United States government wants to try to sell to the American public, no amount of money or weapons will end in “victory”.

as Congressman Dan Bishop telling,

“We cannot continue to spend outside money to support this struggle without any accountability or transparency. There are no conditions and no plans to define what victory would look like.

The promises made by President Zelensky and Biden were never going to come true. There will be no regime change in Russia and Ukraine will not get back all its lost territory.

The tragedy is that the United States will not learn from its foreign policy failures. We will continue to pretend that economic sanctions are a viable tool in our arsenal to contain foreign powers.

We will continue to claim that we “fight” and “support” religious conflicts abroad. And the people who will suffer from our continued arrogance are Ukrainian citizens – unwitting pawns in a never-ending unstoppable strategy, just as the Afghans were in the last Forever War.

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