Submarines are always stealthy; That’s always been the whole purpose of putting them underwater. It can still be difficult to keep track of them today, but China may have a new technology to help in this endeavoras reported South China Morning Post.

The nuclear missile submarines are nicknamed “boomers” and can stay underwater for months at a time. Tracking them is a major concern for many countries around the world. us Navy

The news comes from a study published in a Chinese magazine regarding the detection of the most advanced US submarines. The most covert examples use all kinds of sophisticated systems to dampen vibrations and reduce the acoustic signature in order to make detection as difficult as possible. However, a new type of magnetic detector could change all that.

A research team used computer simulations to determine whether nuclear-powered submarines could be detected via bubbles produced when cruising at high speeds under water. When these bubbles inevitably collapse, it can produce a clearly detectable signal that is an order of magnitude greater than the sensitivity of the best magnetic anomaly detectors. According to the researchers, the signal is detected in the depth of the ELF range, on the order of 34.19 to 49.94 Hz.

This could lead to another arms race, as submarine designers are increasingly starting to design ships to reduce bubble collapse. Or, as we all know, this is already a well-known doctrine in the high-risk world of submarine surveillance and warfare. if you know, Please do not reveal any classified information in the comment section. It’s not worth your job or ours! However, if you want to recreate such a detector at home in a non-treasonous way, feel free to let us know,

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