The leftist Brazilian government continues its crackdown on conservatives and has arrested gospel singer Fernanda Olivera and journalist Alan Frutuoso. Of the 10 other conservatives, 8 were arrested by the Federal Police of the Supreme Court in a lesa patria (treason) raid, two of them have fled. 250 patriots are jailed in Brazil since January 8, 2022 Pastor Major Serere Zavante.

Fernanda Olivera was arrested in Goiânia on January 8, 2022 in the capital Brasília for the crime of singing about God, freedom and patriotism. The Soros-infiltrated newspaper O Globo accused the 25-year-old of the crime of “wearing the Brazilian flag”. shoulder,” and “using other props such as a hat.”

Fernanda Olivera sings on January 8, 2022, outside a federal army barracks where thousands of Christian patriots are praying for a miracle to save their country from dictatorship:

fernanda oliver He has around 140,000 followers on Instagram.

The “Joe Rogan of Brazil,” Bruno “Monarch” Ayoub, has been suspended on all social media profiles and fined $75,000 by rogue leftist judge Alexandre de Moraes. Gateway Pundit informed of.

Journalist alan frutuoso Chief Cerere was arrested on 12/12/2022 after the arrest of the crime of protesting at the Federal Police Headquarters in Brasília on 26 July trying to fly to Argentina.

Yesterday, August 17, at 7:00 am, Judge De Moraes sent his personal jackbooted federal police punk squad to arrest 10 conservatives, 2 of whom managed to escape and are now in hiding:

Rodrigo Lima de Araújo e Silva, Tiago Bejera Lima e Silva, Darle Paes, Isaac Elis Soares Ferreira, Fernanda Rodrigues Oliveira, Juliana Gonsalves Lopes, Juliano da Silva Martins and Alexandre Eufrasio were all arrested by de Moraes’ fascist storm troopers. .

José Renato Gasperin Jr. and Lucas Yiuc de Mello managed to escape and are currently in hiding. Monarch is in exile in Miami. It is now up to the “Western” social media companies to go along with the fascist assault on freedom of expression.

On Thursday, de facto fascist dictator De Moraes authorized his federal police to search former President Jair and First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro. taxes and bank accounts,

Biden rule”full supports“Brazilian coup, State Department shill Ned Price said in January. White House resident Joe Biden held a virtual meeting with socialist President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on August 16, promising communist criminal $500 million US taxpayer dollars To promote his dictatorship when the economy collapses.

Blinken State Department Was So Stupid It Didn’t Realize That South American Communists All Support China RussiaNot USA. Although they will take our money.

gay leftist journalist glenn greenwald contributed to the release of convicted criminal Lula da Silva from prison in 2018 for Billion dollar Lavo Jato corruption scandal linked to Obama,

Now living in Brazil, Greenwald has come to realize the danger Lula de Silva’s Communist government poses to journalists like him. Greenwald said this week, “Brazil is a test case to see how far they can go with their censorship.”

You did it, Glenn. And you’re next. Begin packing.

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