EV Charging Station With Two Charger Plug Ins
(credit: Boyd)

Boyd has developed a liquid cooling technology to accelerate electric vehicle charging that is safe and durable with DC fast charging cables and connectors.

Green Coolant, developed by Boyd engineers in partnership with E-Valucon, supports the high-powered, quick charger, that generate more heat compared to their less skilled counterparts. Since quick charging is essential for many consumers looking to buy an EV, there needs to be widespread adoption of fast charging. Boyd’s new cooling fluid contributes Fast charging should be spread while ensuring that it remains safe and efficient.

“Making or using electricity creates heat. Doing it faster and in a smaller space seriously worsens the impact, said Shammi Khan, Boyd’s chief commercial officer. “Drivers want faster charge cycles and infrastructure planners need space-saving solutions. Fast, high-power charging in tight spaces poses a significant thermal challenge. Our liquid systems reliably meet market demands with a solution that minimizes thermal protection concerns in fast charging stations.”

Boyd and e-Valucon have also teamed up to meet Department of Transportation requirements buy america Standards, which will be implemented in July 2024.

Cooling technology supports expansion of North American EV charging

According to a recent report by ReportLinker.com, EV market It is anticipated to witness compound annual growth as a result of government policies, rising environmental concerns and increased adoption of EVs. North America aims for EVs to represent half of all new vehicles sold by 2030.

The scale of transition from gas-powered cars to EVs is not possible without adequate charging infrastructure. The government plans to install 500,000 EV charging stations by 2030 to support its EV adoption targets. Providing accessible, quick charging contributes to this large undertaking, and Boyd’s cooling technology can help ensure that charging stations meet consumer needs.

“Boyd’s expertise in thermal solutions and E-Valucon’s expertise in EV coupler solutions enable us to support the rapid deployment of reliable and accessible fast charging systems across the US,” said Madison Ahn, E-Valucon’s chief operating officer. ” “We are excited to be a part of this historic movement towards zero emissions through electrification.”

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