Political news outside of the Republican Party’s full-on fascist meltdown has been slow, despite Donald Trump’s efforts to liven up a new cycle of fact August. But the media can’t fix anything by focusing on President Joe Biden’s low approval ratings on the economy.

After all, if the 2024 Republican nominee is unfolding in real time, surely Democrats have something to worry about, too.

It’s true that Biden’s numbers are down when asked direct questions about his handling of the economy, but it’s worth visiting Civic, which tracks economic indicators, to get a better look under the hood.

as many showing surveysVoters’ ratings about Biden’s handling of the economy aren’t exactly pleasing to Democrats. underwater at 20 points Civic TrackingOnly 36% of voters consider the president to be doing a good job, while 56% say he is not doing a good job (8% are unsure).

However, ask about support for the president’s plan to upgrade infrastructure — including transportation, energy, housing, schools, manufacturing, the Internet and community health care — and Biden is 25% above water with 55% support and 30% opposition.

Perhaps, this is to be expected since Americans generally love the idea of ​​investing in infrastructure (except Republicans, that is). Support it at just 13%, But here’s an interesting metric: Is Biden doing enough to create new jobs? Biden’s numbers on this question His presidency has been the best he has ever been, with 41% saying “yes” while 50% said “no”. When Biden first signed the infrastructure bill in November 2021, only 36% of voters thought he was doing enough to create jobs, while 53% said he was not — so Since then he has got 8 points.

The trend line is what matters here, and it is improving markedly under Biden’s direction. Of course, Biden has made a historic 13 million jobs During his presidency, but it takes a while for these economic data to sink into the public consciousness (i.e., for voters to feel it), and it’s really happening now.

rating on direction of the economy The situation is still dismal, with only 26% saying it is improving, 16% saying it has remained roughly the same, and 55% saying it is getting worse. But then again, perceptions have steadily improved since late spring, when only 18% said it was getting better, while 60% saw it as getting worse – a net improvement of 11 points.

Biden’s overall job approval rating Civic tracking also trends in the good direction, with 40% approving, 52% disapproving, and 8% on the fence. If fence-sitters were forced to choose, most would likely move into the approval category (Biden haters don’t do fence-sitting), so it’s safe to say that Biden is currently in his mid-40s on approval. are sitting

Voters may also be taking note of the fact that Republicans don’t complain about anyone whose name isn’t Donald Trump. Asked which party cares more About the needs of people like you, and 41% of Democrats say the same while 32% of Republicans say the same. The GOP trend line has been on a slow downward slide since Trump’s first impeachment in March.

So while voters still say they have a pessimistic view of Biden’s handling of the economy, they generally seem a bit more upbeat about the direction things are headed as well as the details.

Any campaign handler will tell you that it usually takes at least six months for voters to convert a better economy into more optimistic public sentiment. Sentiments about the economy also begin to strengthen in late spring/early summer, in preparation for the presidential election. If this is accurate, then reality-based voters should feel quite positive about the economy during an optimal window for Biden’s re-election chances next year. Assuming that jobs will remain in abundance, Inflation continues to easeAnd people clearly begin to feel that both their economic opportunities and purchasing power are improving.

What happened while we were all on vacation? Something about Donald Trump being impeached not once, but twice! Also in the news: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ campaign fails. There is so much happening!

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