chicago, August 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — General Vape is proud to unveil AIRBAR, synonymous with the exciting vaping lifestyle. Our mission is to revolutionize the smoking experience globally through our high quality vape products.

Investment in innovation and cutting edge research

air bar vape Stands as a beacon of Chinese high-tech electronic cigarette enterprise. With heavy investment in research and development, including a 50-member engineering team and 12 expert technicians, AIRBAR has positioned itself at the forefront of the industry. Our R&D centers are not confined to domestic boundaries but reach globally.

From 2019 to 2021, the R&D wing of AIRBAR collaborated with institutes on a three-year pilot study. Together, they published reports such as “Studies on the Technique of Electronic Smoke Component Detection and Health Assessment” and international journal articles, such as “VOC and CO emissions from heated tobacco products, electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes, and their health risks”. “in mdpif.

Revolutionizing Vaping With The BPC Coil System

Vape coil technology, although constantly evolving, has been constant in significant breakthroughs. AIRBAR, with its passion for innovation, addressed this gap by developing the remarkable BPC COIL.

This new technology incorporates principles such as aerodynamics (accelerating cooling and atomization), aerogel molecular (large particle selection and anti-condensation), and micro-molecular permeability (prevention of negative pressure leakage). Through three years’ diligent effort, AIRBAR highlights the advantages from structural design to e-liquid taste and atomization experience.

BPC coil features an innovative honeycomb structure for superior flavor, stronger vapor production and a smoother draw. The acronym BPC reflects AIRBAR’s commitment – the ‘B’ for Boost, the ‘P’ for Pure and the ‘C’ for Clean, each symbolizing AIRBAR’s commitment to healthier, purer and more robust technologies.

Four pillars of BPC coil unveiled

  • Enhanced Taste: The BPC coil uses sophisticated technologies and high-quality materials, making the taste more controlled and improved, while achieving a 60% improvement in flavor reduction efficiency.
  • A Healthy Experience: With an 87% reduction in harmful substances, the BPC coil’s food-grade antibacterial material ensures that the vaping experience is not only pleasurable but healthy as well.
  • Persistent Taste: By adopting a unique design and quantitative processing, the BPC coil ensures 23% consistency in flavor, maintaining the rich aroma from start to finish.
  • Efficient Nicotine Atomization: By using special raw materials, the nicotine atomization efficiency has been increased up to 12%, giving users a more satisfying throat experience.
    Here is the latest and popular eKigs vape made by the Air Bar brand!

air bar max (2000 puffs)
air bar box (3000 puffs)
air bar atron (5000 puffs)
air bar stick (2500 puffs)
air bar necks (6500 puffs)
air bar mini (2000 puffs)

future of airbar
With the launch of the AIRBAR BPC coil system, the industry has turned its attention to this phenomenal development. AIRBAR continues to be a major player and leader in the electronic cigarette market, particularly in vape coil technology.

As we embark on this exciting journey, we invite you to experience AIRBAR’s innovative products, designed with precision, quality and a clear vision to transform the vaping experience for users around the world Are.

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