Law enforcement officers from across the state were present for the demonstration in Dane County.

Westport, Wis. (WKOW) — Law enforcement officers from across the state were in Dane County Thursday to learn about new technology that could help them do their jobs safely.

axon — a manufacturing company that develops technology and weapons for law enforcement and the military — held a demonstration at the Dane County Sheriff’s Office training center.

Axon showed off things like car video systems, body cameras, virtual reality training and more.

The demonstration also included training and officers were shown less lethal alternatives to ensure law enforcement could safely bring situations under control.

Officials say that it is necessary to have this type of equipment.

“They must have different options for responding to threats to their safety or public safety in order to safely detain or take control of someone,” said Dane County Sheriff’s Office Training Division Lt. Jeffrey Heil.

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