Donald Trump has been attacking the judges and prosecutors overseeing his various criminal indictments on Truth Social most days of the week, and his followers are taking notice — threatening, racist, and already, criminal notices. a lady from texas is charged With US District Judge Tanya Chutkan making death threats, the judge in the federal case accused Trump of crimes related to his efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

Abigail Jo Shree of Alvin, Texas, left Chutkan with a double racist insult at the beginning of the voicemail, threatening, “If Trump doesn’t get elected in 2024, we’re coming to kill you, so go slow, bitch,” according to charging document, “You will be targeted personally, publicly, your family, everyone,” Mr added. He also threatened to kill Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, all Democrats in Washington, and all LGBTQ+ people in the voicemail. When the FBI knocked on his door, he admitted that he had made the calls. She told the FBI agent she wasn’t actually planning on going to Washington, D.C. to kill anyone, but “if Sheila Jackson Lee Alvin comes, we have something to worry about,” the agent told her. It doesn’t sound like that’s the kind of thing you want to tell the FBI when they’re asking about death threats you’ve made against federal officials.

Mr’s father has offered to defend that she is merely a non-violent alcoholic who becomes “excited by the news” while “drinking too much beer”. It may be the majority of those who respond to Trump’s attempts to rouse his supporters with attacks on judges and prosecutors — but it only takes one of those people to get off the couch and act to cause real tragedy. You’ll have to grab one of your bountiful guns for that. ,

Chutkan is not the only person whose safety is at risk because of the criminal charges against Trump. Georgia reveals the names of grand jurors, and they’re being docked On far-right message boards, direct threats and racist slurs accompanied his personal information:

A user wrote that the names of the grand jurors had a “hit list” on which another user react“Based on. Godspeed: You have all the long-range rifles in the world,” while another wrote that they were “ready to go Turner Diaries over these seditious nonsense” (referring to one) violent white nationalist book, and another user unlucky wrote The jury members were “interfering with the election” and therefore should have been “really careful.”

Trump is setting the tone here, even if his supporters are taking it several steps further. one of the trumps true social post He alleged, “He never went after those who rigged the elections. They only went after those who fought to find Riggers!” It’s a letter to pretend you’re not using the ubiquitous racial slur, and Trump supporters enthusiastically start shouting about “riggers” — when they even bother to change the R for the N. are picking up

campaign action

One reason is that Chutkan is a person on Trump’s attack list who has been receiving death threats soon after the matter became a public part. Which is why Fulton County District Attorney Fannie Willis had to do the same. warn its employees, “I am not concerned with the calls, emails or advertisements and you should not be concerned with them either.” Chutkan and Willis have received particularly vengeful attention from Trump and his supporters because they are black women, and some members of the Georgia grand jury will receive that special attention as well. In short, racists will be racists.

If Trump supporters can walk straight to the line of threats before facing criminal charges, then in theory Trump should get a tighter hold on himself. conditions of his release Stop him from making “provocative statements” and especially attempting to intimidate witnesses. Yet Trump is doing exactly that and he still has to face the consequences. The New York Times reports, “Some lawyers have said that if Mr. Trump had been an ordinary citizen who perpetrated these attacks, he would be in prison by now.” It’s just one of many ways Trump has been given special, lenient treatment as he moves through the legal system.

However, any judge who jails Trump for his efforts to intimidate witnesses and incite his supporters to violence will face a great deal of anger from those supporters, as well as from Trump and much of the Republican Party. Will allege that this is a political victimization. a presidential candidate. Trump is counting on continuing the special treatment for exactly this reason.

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