Real America’s Voice “War Room” host Steve Bannon recently argued on his show that Fox News is “absolutely” prepared to block former President Donald Trump from returning to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

He started on the topic by pointing to an interview on Fox that suggested that if Florida Governor Ron DeSantis falters in his effort to prevent Trump from becoming the 2024 Republican presidential nominee, then Virginia Governor Glenn Yangqin is waiting.

Bannon said, “People should understand this: Fox is now absolutely, 1,000 percent, on making sure it is not Donald Trump” who wins the nomination.

He pointed to an interview “Fox & Friends” host Steve Ducey conducted with the billionaire Yangkin supporter. Thomas PeterfeeWho declared that the governor of Virginia could defeat Trump in the primaries and win the White House.

peterfy previously endorsed desantis,

He is “completely ignorant about MAGA, the American people, the populist movement, like all these billionaires.” bannon Said.

“They understand that in this the populist movement is reaching its logical conclusion. Eventually, the billionaires are going to have to start paying taxes because they’ve allowed this nightmare to continue,” said the Real America’s Voice host.

“They are the ones who are supporting these RINO moderate Republicans who have been the controlled opposition of these radical Democrats and the oligarchs in Wall Street and Silicon Valley. And where has that taken us? On the brink of financial ruin for the middle class and working class,” said the conservative firebrand.

Bannon argued that Fox News and the Republican establishment are of the same mindset as billionaires like Peterffy.

He said the Republican National Committee awarded Fox Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch the second GOP presidential primary debate on Fox Business Network, while Fox News will air the first debate on August 23.

“So not only does Murdoch have a trap for Trump in the first debate, which President Trump can never take with the Keibler elves. Then 30 days later at the Reagan Library, it would be Fox Business, another Murdoch unit, another debate,” Bannon said.

“It gives them another month on ‘Fox & Friends’ all-day long, now that they’ve gotten rid of Tucker Carlson, to fabricate the story that ‘this can’t be Trump. This is not Trump. Trump is very much in the legal realm. [trouble],” He continued.

Bannon argued that Fox spent a year and a half promoting DeSantis, who is now second only to Trump nationally and in key early primary states. new Hampshire And Iowa,

“And they’re going to keep at it and clearly MAGA is going to have to fight back on this because they’re trying to craft this narrative if they can’t replace Trump as the primary [winner] At least knock him down so he can’t beat [California Gov. Gavin] Newsom or Michelle Obama or whoever is after Murdoch,” Bannon said.

“If you gave Murdoch’s sons and their wives a choice between Donald Trump and Michelle Obama, they would choose Michelle Obama every day. Give them a choice between Donald Trump and Newsom. Newsom every day of the week, the “War Room” host concluded.

Trump also lambasted Fox News on Truth Social on Wednesday, writing, “Fox News is doing its best, as they did in 2016, to figure out who in this very large, but failing Republican field is your favorite.” The favorite can beat President Donald John.” Trump.”

Trump continued, “They just use the most negative polls, which are still pretty good to me, and do everything possible to show they still have a chance.”

“They also singled out nice guy Mark Thiessen for fudging with numbers that don’t exist. In addition to all this, I am the crooked Joe Biden, the worst “P” ever, beat by many!

Former President George W. Bush’s speechwriter and Fox News contributor Mark Thiessen insisted to the network Monday that only one-quarter of GOP primary voters actually side with Trump.

Thiessen said, “There are about a quarter of voters who will not support Trump no matter what happens in the primaries.” “There’s a quarter of voters who are hardline MAGA who say they’re only considering Trump.”

“And polls show that is about 50 percent of voters in the Republican primary. They are considering Trump. They are considering other candidates. It means that 75 per cent voters are ready to hold and persuade.

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