Actor Zachary Levy stormed Hollywood in Chicago last weekend and told comic book fans to stop going to the “trash” movies screened by La La Land.

comedian zachary levy spoke to fans at a Chicago fan expo on Saturday and slammed Hollywood for not caring about making good movies and urged fans to “not actively choose” to pay good money to see them.

“I personally feel that the amount of content that comes out of Hollywood is garbage – they really don’t care enough to make it great for you guys. They don’t do that,” Levy told the crowd. Entertainment Weekly,

“How many times do you watch a trailer and say, ‘Oh my god, this looks great!’ Then you go to see the movie and it’s like, ‘That’s what I got?'” Levy complained.

“They know once you’ve bought a ticket and you’re in a seat, they’ve got your money. And the only way for us to change any of it is not to go in the trash. We don’t have to actively pick up the garbage. This will help. This will help a lot,” he said.

Levi’s days as part of the DC Comics universe (DCEU) of films are already numbered. A third installment of his “Shazam” movies seems unlikely as the DCEU has undergone a major revamp, thrown out all of its previous films, and started fresh to try to tie them all together. is intending as Marvel did with most of their movies.

Of course, Levi’s was the first installment of the “Shazam” movie surprise attack and performed well financially.

second, and very awake, “Shazam” the movie, “Shazam! However, Fury of the Gods was under fire by critics. So some of Levy’s comments may be his sour grapes. But, he also pointed out that despite strong protests from critics, the movie audience liked the film.

“The audience score is still pretty good, but the critics score was, I don’t know, very strange and shockingly low, and people were extremely unkind,” levy said of the film in July.

“Listen, I’ve been part of things and as much as I want them to be good, I know they’re fine, I know they’ve missed a lot. I’m not saying “Shazam! ‘Fury of the Gods’ is Orson Welles’ masterpiece, but it’s a good film,” he said.

Levi is right about the ratings. Fans have given it a relatively upbeat 86 percent fresh rating rotten TomatoesWhile critics have given it a disappointing 49 percent rating.

Nevertheless, the film only grossed $57.64 million at the US box office, which was not impressive. On the other hand, it topped the box office with $133.84 million worldwide. However, it may have missed over its $125 million budget, and as such, was considered a box-office flop.

The point is that even though fans may have liked the film, it appears that were low fan I’m interested in seeing it in the first place because its box office total was so disappointing.

In any case, when news outlets began reporting on Levy’s comments, he tried to retract them, claiming they were “taken out of context.”

“It has come to my attention that a derogatory comment I made in jest last weekend is being taken out of context,” Levy said. breitbart news,

“So let me be very clear. I fully support our union, the WGA and the strike… But we also can’t forget our fans during this strike. The fans who spend their money and energy traveling far and wide to talk to us about our work mean a lot to them, we should be able to connect with them,” he tries to explain. of.

It’s hard to see how anything was “taken out of context”, but there you go.

Whatever Levy “means”, he is basically right. Hollywood keeps putting out “garbage” that fewer and fewer people are going to watch. Ticket sales and attendance have been falling for years, even when “blockbuster” movies are doing well. in fact, if it were not marvel movies, Hollywood may have seen a lot of fallout over the past decade. According to indiewireTheater audience numbers have halved in the last four years alone (some of that is believed to have been during the pandemic frenzy).

and with writers strike Still stretching, next year won’t bring much new. This too will have an effect.

One has to wonder whether Levy’s comments will encourage other actors and filmmakers to speak out. But whether they do or don’t, fans are already voting with their feet and getting away with it. Hollywood in droves.

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