After a successful pilot in five stores, Road Ranger will launch FeedbackNow by Forrester across all locations.


road ranger announces the rollout of FeedbackNow by Forrester across all locations after successfully testing the technology in five stores.

During the initial test launch, Road Ranger deployed smiley boxes with an optional QR code for additional comments in its restroom and coffee stations to collect customer feedback regarding restroom cleanliness and satisfaction with coffee selection. Check-in and check-out boxes aided in the tracking and consistency of cleaning schedules and correlated that data with cleanliness ratings. People counters were positioned in one store to get a more realistic view of foot traffic, ensuring they were cleared at a reasonable amount of time.

During a two-month test launch, the Road Ranger collected more than 21,000 votes from five store locations. The Road Ranger team was able to identify times in which satisfaction rates declined and demonstrated a correlation between satisfaction levels and the number of hours cleaned.

With this evidence, Road Ranger was able to adjust the cleaning schedule, which in turn resolved many of the flaws identified through comments provided by everyday consumers.

“Each Road Ranger location is unique and requires wide variations. Our partnership with FeedbackNow allowed for fact-based evidence on traffic patterns that varied geographically from store to store. We’ve learned from our customers what is the most ideal time to schedule cleanings and how to effectively communicate with our team members when cleaning alerts come in, said Ryan Arnold, Vice President of Marketing at Road Ranger. “FeedbackNow provided Road Ranger customers with an easy, anonymous way to alert staff about both positive performance and when attention is needed. The ‘voting’ Feedback Now provided with the smiley box rating system couldn’t be more user-friendly. We have also deployed an option for additional comments by providing consumers with a touchless communication method (scanning a customized QR code posted near the rating box). In general, this program is a unique way to capture the voice of our customers and we look forward to additional uses of this in the future.”

Road Ranger hopes to gain deeper insight into store operations, finding evidence-based variances that will lead to overall better store standards practice. In turn, this will generate more efficient employee performance and educate management more effectively in making budgetary decisions.

Road Ranger uses automated reports to deliver information directly to each store, giving district leaders and store managers a better understanding of how these stores are performing daily and what actions to take to create a better experience for their customers can be done.

Road Ranger today stands as the fourth largest travel center chain in the U.S. Locations can be found on major highways in Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Arkansas, and Texas.

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