Jasprit Bumrah Not expecting too much from myself. He is extremely happy to be back in international cricket and going through the process which he missed last year. Ahead of the Ireland T20 series opener in Dublin on Friday, Bumrah, who returned from a back injury that kept him out of the team for a year and stood in as India’s captain, looked relaxed and shared his away time. And ask questions about your work. To reach this point, a post-surgical procedure had to be done.

On his first net session with the Indian team in over a year, Bumrah said, “I was bowling normally.” “It is not that I am withdrawing. I am enjoying it. I have done a lot of net sessions. When my rehabilitation was over and I went home [to Ahmedabad]i practiced with gujarat [his state team] Too.

“I’ve played a lot of sessions and practice matches. It’s not like there’s a ban or I’m holding back. Obviously, when you come with the Indian team – and the weather here [in Dublin] Well done – you enjoy bowling even more. I’m not backing down. Body is feeling good and I am looking forward to the coming games.”

Over the past month or so, Bumrah has made a gradual progress in terms of bowling workload at the National Cricket Academy in Bengaluru. It includes detailed match simulation and several practice games to test his match preparation. Asked whether the demands of bowling in the 50-over game, which he may soon face in the Asia Cup and World Cup, will be that much tougher for any comeback man than in this T20 series, when When asked about Bumrah, he dismissed any concerns. ,

“We were conscious that there would not be much Test cricket in this cycle until the World Cup was over [in November], So even in my rehabilitation, we were never preparing for a T20 game, I was preparing to bowl 10 overs for the World Cup,” Bumrah said. “I would bowl 10, 12, even That I am bowling 15 overs. I have bowled more overs, so it becomes easier when you bowl less than required.

How does Bumrah see the hopes of leading India’s attack in the World Cup on his shoulders? Can such thoughts be overwhelming, especially for someone coming back from injury?

“Whoever’s opinion [that Bumrah is India’s bowling trump card] It is, obviously I respect it but whether it’s good or bad, I don’t take it seriously,” he said with a laugh. “I don’t want to put any burden or pressure of expectation. I have also not set unrealistic expectations of myself; I am not thinking that I will have to bear this much burden.

“I’m coming back after a long time; I just want to enjoy. I’ve never been away from sports for so long. I’m not thinking ‘I’ll do this, I’ll do that’ or ‘I’ll be very happy’. Have to contribute. I have come here to enjoy it because I love cricket. Expectations, I am not putting too much out there. I have come to enjoy the game.

“As far as other people’s expectations of me are concerned, that is not my problem. [laughs], My job is to prepare and do my best. Everything else will take care of itself.”

Did he ever doubt himself during the time he was away? Bumrah admitted to feeling a sense of disappointment but said he wanted to channelize it in the right way. “Sometimes when your injury takes longer than usual to heal, it can be frustrating. But instead of self-doubting about whether I would recover, my thought process was how would I Can I recover and how soon can I come back? You have to give the body as much time as it needs.

“I never thought about it as those were dark days or that I would not be able to come back. I was never thinking too far ahead. I was only thinking about finding a solution to the current issue. Once When I found the solution, it felt good to be able to do things my own way.

“This summer I was home for the first time in 10-11 years. So I looked at it as an off-season. I got a lot of time to spend with my family, so I was looking at the positives. cause it was disappointing [from cricket for so long]But that’s okay, it’s something you can’t control, so you can’t be discouraged about it. I spent time with my family. I am happy with it and once I started training I was enjoying it and now I am back.”

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