Cedar Rapids, Iowa (KCRG) – The machines have what’s called Credential Authentication Technology – otherwise known as CAT2. Eastern Iowa Airport is one of about two dozen airports nationwide with CAT2 machines.

This machine validates the passenger’s ID, it tells us that they are flying that day and that they have a flight reservation,” said TSA regional spokeswoman Jessica Mayley. “It also takes a picture of the passenger and Their ID compares to that picture.”

TSA officials say the added element of taking a passenger’s photo and comparing it to their ID enhances security. This process takes a few extra seconds.

“It does a better job of validating IDs and making sure the person in front of them is the person on the ID at a higher success rate when you account for human error,” Mayle said.

So far officials report a 99% accuracy rate with the machine.

“Biometric technology is the newest and best way to verify someone’s identity,” Mayley said.

Passengers may balk at using the new technology, but many said they have encountered CAT2 machines at other large airports such as Des Moines and Dallas, Texas.

“I didn’t expect to see this when I walked up to the TSA checkpoint,” said Kevin Kraft, a passenger at the Eastern Iowa airport. “It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s actually a lot less cumbersome because you don’t have to scan your phone and show your ID, you just show your ID.”

As people and staff get used to the machine, it is expected that the entire airport will run faster and smoother.

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