RICO-accused co-conspirators Rudy Giuliani has been named in a new lawsuit filed by brother-sister farmers that says he profited from a scheme that extorted a whopping $1 million from him. According to “Giants of California fruit and nut farmingBaldev and Kevel Mungar, they were introduced in 2019 by a Republican operative named Tim Yale, a one-time mayor of New York City. Giuliani was busy trying dig up dirt On then-presidential candidate Joe Biden in Ukraine.

The lawsuit alleges that Giuliani, along with Yale and cannabis investor George Dixon III, convinced the brothers to give $1 million to help the MAGA movement. this was it No A campaign contribution but also an investment in a documentary reportedly helping Giuliani. Brothers accused three people Giuliani also included, “indicating that they had important documents that were the ‘smoking gun’ that would establish that the Ukrainian government had engaged in renegade exchanges with the Biden family to benefit Burisma.” This would reportedly be a “kill shot” to defeat Biden in the 2020 election.

This did not happen, because a.) they clearly had no such evidence; and b.) That movie you’ve never heard of never got released. Giuliani reportedly spent about $300,000 in consulting fees of some sort, and the Munger brothers had to carry the bag. Giuliani’s defense is often joined by some of his best friends and allies indictment But fraud schemes,

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Nobody is clean here. Giuliani is a famous person Rogue And the Munger brothers recently had to face And settle A serious class-action lawsuit alleged that his vast agribusiness violated labor laws as well as human trafficking laws. And while Giuliani hasn’t been named as a defendant in the lawsuit, earning $300,000 for telling two unwitting marks that someone else was going to do something they didn’t is a real dirty move.

mother jones informed of The documentary on the end of the project and how Dixon worked to raise millions in funding for a project that didn’t end with “no more than 15 minutes of low-quality footage”. A person who worked briefly on the project told Mother Jones, “The thing I took away from it was, ‘Jesus, these people are idiots.'” The FBI is reportedly investigating Dixon because the film was not approved for his part. The investigation into Giuliani’s mysterious private foreign agent assignments has stopped developing.

If the Munger brothers’ allegation is true, it would really surprise no one. The MAGA world is made up of two types of people: con artists and people who get duped. You are either making money from other MAGA people or losing it because of false promises.

But when all is said and done and the law comes knocking at your door, you’ve got yourself on your own. just ask Donald Trump.

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