Des Moines, Iowa (KCCI) – New technology at Iowa airports allows people to move faster through Transportation Security Administration lines.

About two dozen airports across the country are now using CAT2 machines, which use facial recognition, including Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines International Airport.

Officials said the technology will provide a more secure experience to passengers by reducing the element of human error.

The machine takes a picture and matches it to the person’s photo ID to confirm identity.

Des Moines International Airport has been using the machines since May as part of a pilot project.

So far, the TSA reports a 99 percent accuracy rate.

People can still choose to exit and be screened by agents, but many say they are on board if it gets them through security faster.

“It was very windy,” said Shannon Dill, a visitor from Baltimore. “I didn’t know what they were doing. All he said was go ahead, gave him my ID, winked and off I went.

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