ODESSA, Texas (COSA) – The Midland Casa de Amigos Community Center is using virtual reality technology to help people overcome depression and build meaningful friendships.

Many times, as senior citizens age, they experience social isolation which can be harmful to their health.

When Midland seniors wear the glasses, they experience something they haven’t before.

From traveling to Amsterdam to swimming with dolphins in the Caribbean, or visiting the home where they grew up.

“We actually went to Chapala where our daughter lives. We saw all the beautiful places which are attractive and the weather is also very nice. We also traveled with dolphins. said senior member Maria Martinez.

Not only do they get to experience new places, but members also get to experience meaningful memories from the past.

“I was very happy with the experience we got because I saw the places where I grew up. The place where I was and our first home when we got married.’ said senior member Enrique Guzmán.

As the years roll by, Midland Casa de Amigos wants members to use virtual reality to keep the young at heart.

“People want to tick something off their bucket list. They want to have an experience or go somewhere they may not be able to do. With virtual reality we can take them on that journey. said Tony Eckert, executive director of Casa de Amigos.

The virtual reality set has been a life-changing experience for them, and they have been able to try something new in life.

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