• The investor sold Micron and increased his stake in East West Bancorp.

Founder of Himalaya Capital Management Lee Lu ,trades, portfolio) released its second quarter portfolio earlier this week.

Guru’s Seattle-based firm seeks long-term capital appreciation by adopting key value investing principles taught by such giants as Benjamin Graham. Warren Buffett ,trades, portfolio) And Charlie Munger ,trades, portfolio, With a focus on Asia, particularly China, it picks stocks of companies with high economic potential, great growth potential and trustworthy management. American equities make up only a small portion of the portfolio.

Taking into account these criteria, 13F filings for the three months ended June 30 show that they acquired Micron Technology Inc. has been disinvested.Mu, financial) stake and East West Bancorp Inc. was added to his share of (EWBC, financial,

Investors should be aware that 13F filings don’t give a complete picture of a firm’s holdings because the report only includes its positions in U.S. stocks and American Depository Receipts, but they can still provide valuable information. In addition, the reports reflect trades and holdings only as of the most recent portfolio filing date, which may or may not be held by the reporting firm as of today or when this article was published.


After the cut in the first quarter, Lee sold his remaining 6.82 million shares of Micron Technology (Mu, financial), which had an impact of -20.20% on the equity portfolio. The stock averaged $64.22 per share during the quarter.

First his second largest holding, GuruFocus data shows Lee earned an estimated 26.95% return on his investment over his lifetime.

The Boise, Idaho-based semiconductor company has a market cap of $70.19 billion; Its shares were trading around $64.08 on Thursday forward price-earnings ratio of 525.18, a price-book ratio and a of 1.54 price to sales ratio of 3.87.

gf value linevalue This suggests that the stock is currently significantly overvalued based on its historical ratios, past financial performance and analysts’ future earnings estimates.

at 77 out of 100, gf score This indicates that the performance of the company is likely to be average going forward. While the company received a high rating motion, Development And profitabilityIts financial strength is more moderate and its price Rank is low.

When Altman Z-Score 3.45 indicates that Micron Technology is in good shape Piotrowski F-Score 4 out of 9 means its operations are typical of a stable company. Its predictability rank However, the 2.5 out of five stars are under watch due to declining revenue per share in recent months. According to GuruFocus research, companies with this rank generate an average annualized return of 7.3% over a 10-year period.

of gurus invest at Micron Technology, Primecap Management ,trades, portfolio) has the largest stake with 3.47% of its outstanding shares. Andreas Halverson ,trades, portfolio, Prem Vats ,trades, portfolio, steven cohen ,trades, portfolio), Hotchkiss and Wiley, Parnassus Value Equity Fund ,trades, portfolio, daniel loeb ,trades, portfolio, David Tepper ,trades, portfolio) And Charles Brandeis ,trades, portfolio) also has a notable place in the stock.

East West Bancorp

Guru expands its stake in East West Bancorp (EWBC, financial) raised 480,051 shares, up 20.91%. The transaction had an impact of 1.41% on the equity portfolio. During the quarter, each share traded at an average price of $50.82.

Li now holds 2.77 million shares, which constitutes 8.18% of the equity portfolio. It is now his smallest holding. GuruFocus found that it has lost 16.22% on its investment so far.

Headquartered in Pasadena, California, the bank holding company that is the parent of East West Bank has a market capitalization of $7.83 billion; Its shares were trading around $55.34 on Thursday price earnings ratio 6.20’s, A price-book ratio 1.21 and A’s price to sales ratio of 3.08.

As per GF value line, the stock is currently significantly undervalued.

gf score 86 means the company has the potential to perform well due to the high rating profitability, price And Development as well as more liberal financial strength And motion rank.

The company’s Piotrowski F-score of perfect 9 means that its operations are healthy. Furthermore, it has a five-star predictability rank. GuruFocus found companies with this rank that had an average annual return of 12.1%.

With a 1.96% stake, Li is the largest Guru shareholder of the company. Cohen’s got hold of East West too, ken fisher ,trades, portfolio, jim simmons ,trades, portfolio)’ Renaissance Technologies, CI Select Canadian Equity Fund ,trades, portfolio) And Joel Greenblatt ,trades, portfolio,

portfolio composition

Lee did not make any other changes to its holding during the quarter.

Himalaya’s $1.79 billion equity portfolio, which is made up of six stocks, is heavily invested in the financial services and communication services sectors, followed by a smaller investment in the technology sector.

Guru’s other holding is Bank of America as of June 31.BAC Corporation (BAC, financial), both classes of the alphabetGoogle Inc. ,google, financial,Google, financial), Berkshire HathawayBRK.B Inc. ,BRK.B, financial) and applesAAPL Inc. ,AAPL, financial,


I/We do not have any position in any of the stocks mentioned, and have no plans to buy any new positions in the stocks mentioned within the next 72 hours.

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