New reports are emerging alleging Kate Middleton will “never forgive” her sister-in-law Meghan Markle for her “ultimate betrayal”.

Kate reportedly hasn’t forgiven Meghan

Meghan and her husband Prince Harry stepped down as senior members of the royal family in early 2020, and a year later, she gave an explosive interview about the royal family to Oprah Winfrey. According to an insider, this is the interview Kate can reportedly never forgive Meghan for, as she feels it has caused huge “damage” to the royal family.

The insider added, “Kate has drawn a hard line in the sand – she’s not going to change her mind about them.” new york post, “He never apologized for his lies. But it’s tough for William because Harry is his brother. There is a terrible situation all around.

The source was referring to Kate’s husband and heir to the British throne, Prince William. This insider further added that Kate views Meghan’s interview with Oprah as the “ultimate betrayal”. According to this source, William’s attempts to “extend an olive branch to Harry” have “enraged” Kate, and led to a “huge fight” between the royal couple.

The insider claimed, “But Kate feels that Harry, and especially Meghan, have caused enough damage to the Royal Family, and if they are allowed to return, they will cause even more damage.”

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Kate’s thoughts on Harry

While Kate reportedly has no intention of ever releasing Meghan from the bond, another source claimed she still has a soft spot for Harry.

“Kate has been in contact with Harry and is telling him to keep his chin up and not worry too much about these temporary setbacks,” the source added. nearest weekly, “Harry’s relationship with Kate remains intact and it means a lot to Harry that she continues to show support, especially at these dismal times when the odds are looming large.”

The insider continued, “He’s feeling very sorry for her right now.” “It is very difficult to see her go through all these setbacks and it touches her heart – especially when her court hearing is taking place so close to her home.”

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Hope William and Harry make peace

This source also said that Kate is hopeful that William and Harry can make peace someday.

“Kate wants to keep those lines of communication open and pave the way for long-term peace with the whole family, including William,” the source claimed. “She doesn’t want to interfere in Harry’s life but she does want him to know that there are many people, including herself, who care about him and are advocating for him to be happy.”

Kate hopes there is some substance to the divorce rumors that have been circulating about Meghan and Harry for some time now. deduction, Although Meghan and Harry have denied that anything is wrong, various tabloid reports have been circulating about possible trouble in their marriage.

Since stepping down as senior members of the royal family, Meghan and Harry have been critical of the royal family whenever they get the chance. It’s easy to see why Kate has no interest in forgiving Meghan, so we certainly can’t blame her for it!

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