J6 Political Prisoner Barry Ramey

gateway pundit told National disgrace and on the leaked photographs of the gruesome ill-treatment of political prisoners on 6 January.

J6 Political Prisoner Barry Rummy WebMD contacted TGP to share his story. Barry was stabbed in the face to see Tucker Carlson in prison and is warning about the abuse he and other J6 defendants are enduring from fanatical corrections officers while in custody for nearly two years .

In a letter to The Gateway Pundit in April, Barrie shared, “What we January 6th men had to go through at the Northern Neck Regional Jail was severe on such levels that I’m not sure I have enough ink in my pen or my There are pages in the notebook.” List them all. I’ll do my best to give you, the reader, a shorter and more concise version of it. Just know that trying to explain what the North Neck is like to someone who’s never been there is like trying to explain the color red to a blind person. The amount of psychological, physical and constitutional abuse that goes on behind those walls is appalling.

Ari Ramey was stabbed to death in public at the Northern Neck Regional Jail.

“We have experienced extreme violence, malnutrition, constitutional rights being suspended, having our mail rejected because of political views, being continually denied medical care, being denied religious services, not being able to see our loved ones, Lawyer’s visit cancelled, video seen everything. Court dates were cancelled, sleep deprived, forced to pay for basic needs like clothing and hygiene. This writer was stabbed in the face for watching Tucker Carlson.”

Barry’s fiancee wrote to TGP to update readers about Barry and share a letter she sent in July:

My fiance is Barry Ramey, who was arrested on 4/21/22 and was recently sentenced to 60 months to attend capital on January 6th, 2021. I am worried about being ill as I have not heard from him for over a week and today I received a terrible letter from him telling me how he is being treated.

Last I heard from him was an email on 7/26/23 at 5:36am telling me he was being moved with another J6r Mason Courson. Since he has been to more than 10 facilities in a year and a half of captivity, I expected to hear from him in a few days and set up all new accounts for food and communication. But, even after a few days, I did not hear anything from him. So, I looked up his location and learned that he was at the Petersburg FCI Medium facility. When I call on this feature, the phone rings continuously and no one picks up. I’ve let it play for over 35 minutes today.

I found a place on the BOP website to “raise a concern” and submitted a welfare check, which remains unanswered to this day.

On Friday last week someone finally picked up the phone at the prison, who said they couldn’t do a welfare check, but confirmed he was in solitary confinement, adding that “technically” he doesn’t belong at the facility because he’s “in transit.” is labeled and he wins. Access to the commissary is not possible by phone, email, but should be gone in a few days as prisoners “in transit” do not stay there long. I am told that if he stays there for a week, he may get a phone call.

Several more days passed. Still no one answers the phone. I finally got someone to confirm it was still there, but that’s all they’d tell me. I requested them to make a phone call, but I was told that this is not likely to happen.

The letter I received today from Barry confirms that he cannot use the phone, but adds that he has not been allowed out of his cell since his arrival, so he is in round-the-clock solitary. is in prison. They are being neglected medically and generally. The nurse ignores him, the correctional officers don’t care when he requests they say “okay” and then do nothing, they don’t provide any toilet paper, he has to eat out of his hands because they He “forgets” to give her a paper spoon and has no items in her bed, so known medical problems related to her back are apparently neglected and her back is “on fire”.

Please support Barry Ramsey here.

Today I tried to call and rang for 35 mins no answer. Absolutely frustrated, I submitted another email (attached) to the BOP and straight to jail. I am appalled at how inhumane they are treating her, in her words “like an animal” and there is nothing I can do or request anyone as they answer the phone will not give. I am sick to my stomach worrying about him and I keep thinking every day when he will be out of there.

This is absolutely disgusting! We thought that after the trial, where the prosecution sat on evidence for more than a year, which proved their innocence on their claims of interference with the investigation, and removed their enhancements thereon on the evening of the date of sentencing, that We’ll go on another long road of appeals and send it to its destination.

But now we’re faced with more abuse, it’s getting worse, as if it didn’t work enough for the endless months at the Northern Neck Regional Jail with other people in horrific conditions, which Barry His name is on the line so that he can be investigated.

We need to expose the Petersburg FCI Medium facility for treating our people even worse! Thank you so much for all you have done and are doing for all J6ers.

God bless America!

Osprey Sensei

Truth Social: @Ospray_Sensei

Please support Barry Ramsey here.

Barry Share,

Hopefully by the time you get this, I’ll be in a better place. They forced me to live in hell. I can’t call you. No commissary… no books, took 4 days to get my Bible.

My pin number was not working when I tried to call you once. Apparently that one try was my turn so now I have to wait a week to get a chance to call you. I will be allowed to call only once for 30 days. Even though I didn’t break any rules and I’m in transit, they still treat me like an animal. I haven’t gone out of my cell, even once. it’s really bad.

Read Barry’s full letter below.

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