atlanta braves And los angeles dodgers owns two best records in major League BaseballBut are the two National League teams peaking too soon?

After winning the three match series new York Yankees, the Braves are now 8–2 in their last 10 games. Atlanta has been excelling all year and has had the best record in baseball for most of the 2023 campaign.

Heading into the third and final game of a three-game series against the Dodgers, who sit at 73-46 Brewers On Thursday nights, August is 14-1 with +58 run odds. The Dodgers are currently on a 10-game winning streak, where they have outscored opponents by nearly four runs per game.

August has generally been a good month for the Dodgers. In 2022 they went 22–6. In 2021, they went 21–6, and the year before, the Dodgers went 21–7. Now, I’m not saying that this is a bad thing. Winning isn’t a bad thing, and there’s really no way around it, but you won’t want to play your best baseball all the time. To give you some arguments about why climbing to the top too early can be bad, let’s look at division races.

The Braves are up 12.5 games in the NL East. It’s over… The Braves are winning the division. The Dodgers are up 9.5 games in the NL West… that’s done too. The Braves and Dodgers would be the top two seeds in the National League.

Come mid-September, who are you really playing for? Are you playing for the No. 1 seed? Sure, it means something, but it’s not the same. You’re not playing for your life, and you’re not playing like every single game is everything to your team and organization. Then consider the fact that these top-two seeded players are going to get byes into the first round of the playoffs. I’ve always believed in baseball that a bye is no good. You don’t want to take that time off.

there is no better reference Detroit Tigers In 2006, as soon as he won oakland athletics in the National League Championship Series to go to the World Series. Maglio Ordóñez pitched a stellar performance to send the Tigers to the World Series. The Tigers had an off week, and were unsuccessful and lost in five games. st louis cardinals in the World Series.

Vacation timing is not good in baseball. You play 162 games, you play every day, you get into a rhythm, and at the end of that year, you don’t want to get out of that rhythm.

The fact that the Braves and Dodgers won’t be playing for anything in the last month of the year – and they’ll have time to say goodbye – I don’t see that as a good thing. Check out all of these teams that have appeared in the World Series in recent years. Often there’s a wild-card team that lights up because they’re playing for their lives to get into the playoffs, and then they have the talent and star power to stick it out and reach the World Series .

Have the Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers Peaked Too Soon?

In fact, over the past eight full seasons, half of the World Series teams have been wild-card teams: 2022 Philadelphia Phillies Were NL Champions, 2019 washington nationals won the World Series, and in 2014, both Kansas City Royals And this san francisco giants There were wild-card teams.

Again, you want baseball to continue winning games, but the numbers support the fact that the Braves and Dodgers are peaking very quickly.

Save some for October!

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