aitana bonmati Knew the truth last summer and oh, did it hurt. It was the most painful of personal confessions but it was inevitable; spain It was good enough to win a major tournament – but it wasn’t tough enough.

Last July, Bonmati and he this red teammates were the better team against the same opponent, Englandthat they will meet on sunday women’s world cup Final (coverage begins at 5 a.m. ET with kickoff at 6 a.m. ET on Fox and the Fox Sports app), but lost their quarterfinal European Championships Because he conceded a controversial late goal, bowed his head, then scored another.

three years before that, they thought they were better off than United States of america Even in the round-16 of the World Cup, but when a pair of defensive errors turned into penalty kicks, there was no stopping either. megan rapino,

This was becoming a familiar story. Excellent football, just didn’t have enough patience to get over the line.

Bonmati believes that is no longer the case, with very good reason. Not anymore, not after the growth and resilience of the squad over the past few years and here in Australia and New Zealand over the past few weeks which has arisen partly because of injuries and partly because of will.

“This team has become very strong,” Bonmati told reporters. “What we have now and what we didn’t have before is the mindset to win, to believe, to never give up, and above all, to know how to suffer.

Ahead round dawn Change had a slightly more colorful explanation.

Redondo laughed and said, “It could be that we have such big balls and we always believe it until the end.”

Mini-Movie: Spain’s EPIC win over Sweden in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup semi-finals

There have been serious hardships during this campaign. lose in group stage Japan The path through the bracket didn’t differ much in terms of difficulty, but it took a big bite, being defeated 4-0 by another contender.

Then there were whispers in the Spanish media and in the home country about how it would be the same, promising a lot but delivering practically nothing, not because of a technical shortcoming but because of being unable to handle the heat. because of.

It is an allegation to which there has been a rich answer. Things went awry in the quarterfinals against Netherlands, When the Dutch equalized late on, Bonmati had already been sent off in a defence-minded change, and at that stage Spain looked like real underdogs.

Someone fearless was needed – someone fearless arrived – as teen goal-scoring sensation Salma Parluelo,

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More resolve called for in semifinals Sweden, Another goal from Parluelo put Spain ahead and they were looking to dominate, but Sweden fought back against the run of play. Then there was no break, only faith, proof Olga Carmona And the winning goal of his dreams from the edge of the box.

A team that has long had collectivism among its players has found its roar.

“We are united, what we are feeling inside is very beautiful,” the midfielder said. teresa abeleira told “El Pais”. “Now we can talk about the spirit of the ‘Brutal’ team.”

Spain vs England 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Final Preview

Head coach Jorge Vilda knows some of his players won’t be too fond of him. Even after resolving a dispute that saw 15 team members refuse to play for them last year, it remains a strained relationship. But he agrees with them about Spirit, and he’s liking what he’s seen so far.

“Once again, this team has shown it is mentally prepared,” Wilda said. “Players have it in their DNA.”

These aspects do not even guarantee victory, let alone guarantee it. England are extremely resilient and a proven winner, having won Euro 2022.

Spain’s new strength has brought an equal opportunity between two technically excellent teams. In the women’s game Spain carry the ball to a level never seen before, while England have found their magic in quick skills and a strong all-hands-on-deck type of thing when needed.

An image that sums up how Spain feels and thinks these days was on Bonmati after Sweden’s score in the semi-finals. He caught the ball, ran to center and yelled at his teammates that it wasn’t done. They listened, and responded, and the mental uplift manifested in Carmona’s superb drive.

Olga Carmona’s game-winning goal against Sweden puts Spain through to the World Cup final. every angle

As England dueled Australia on Wednesday, the Spaniards were enjoying a party nearby, welcoming friends and family to their hotel for the first time since the start of the tournament.

He had never done this in the past for no apparent reason. They never stayed long enough to make it necessary.

They’re still here, still here, still fighting, with the fortitude of heart to finally support their full potential.

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