Wildfires Blaze in Hawaii’s Historic Lahaina

At least 111 people have died due to this rapid movement Airport Forest fire Causing widespread destruction in the city of Lahaina.

As search efforts continue, residents of Maui There are reports that investors and realtors are trying to take advantage of the wildfires to buy land from local people.

Governor Josh Green said at a press conference that he intended to “make sure no one is victimized by the land grab” and called on investors and relatives not to approach Maui residents with any proposals.

“We will not allow this,” Mr Green said.

Hawaii’s governor said he expected it would cost $5 billion or more to rebuild the burned area of ​​Maui. Already, federal, state and local relief aid has been directed to Mouard.

Reconstruction will begin once search teams complete the search for the victims’ bodies – only 35 percent of the burned area has been examined.

mr green believes the death toll It will increase every day as more people join.

The official cause of the fire has still not been determined.


Republic of Korea donates $2 million to wildfire relief

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Pilot vacationing in Hawaii took a day off to evacuate people from Maui

Vince Eckelkamp, ​​line training manager at United Airlines from Denver, was vacationing in Hawaii with his family when the fire broke out last week.

When his own flight was delayed and then canceled because of the fire, Mr Eckelkamp said he decided to step up to help other pilots take visitors off the island in the midst of the crisis.

He told USA TODAY that he texted another pilot who was about to take off, asking if he needed help, who accepted his offer.

Mr. Eckelkamp flew a plane from Maui to San Francisco to evacuate 330 people from the island amid the disaster.

‘If I hadn’t stepped up, or if I hadn’t been there [the flight would have been canelled]Mr. Eckelkamp told USA TODAY.

“I was in the right place at the right time and was able to do the right thing.”

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Maui Fire Department boosts fire drill safety plans

Children in Maui are returning to school and undergoing fire drills to ensure they can get out safely in the wake of the devastating wildfires.

The Maui County Fire Department posted on Facebook to remind people to have a fire escape plan in their homes and to inform all residents of what to do in case of a fire.

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Jason Momoa issues dire warning for vacationers traveling to Maui amid deadly wildfires

Jason Momoa has issued a dire message for vacationers still hoping to visit Maui amid deadly wildfires.

Two days after sharing his “sadness” about the wildfires ravaging the Hawaiian Islands, Momoa shared a post that said: “Maui is not your vacation spot right now. Don’t visit Maui.” Do it.

He added: “Don’t convince yourself that your presence is needed on an island that is suffering so badly.

“Mahalo to all those who have donated and shown aloha to the community in this time of need.

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In pictures: Lahaina after the fire

Destroyed buildings and cars are photographed after the Maui wildfires in Lahaina, Hawaii, on August 16, 2023

(AFP via Getty Images)

A Hawaii flag reading “Tourists Keep Out” is raised after the Maui wildfires on August 16, 2023 in Lahaina, Hawaii.

(AFP via Getty Images)

This handout image courtesy of the US Army shows damaged buildings and structures in Lahaina Town destroyed by the Maui wildfires on August 15, 2023 in Lahaina, Maui.

(DVIDS/AFP via Getty Images)

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Hawaii’s governor vows to stop land grabs to rebuild fire-ravaged Maui

Hawaii Governor Josh Green vowed to “put the land back in the hands of local people” after a deadly wildfire that gutted a historic building. Maui community, as the island’s schools began to reopen and traffic resumed on a major road.

Green said at a Wednesday news conference that he had directed the state attorney general to work toward a moratorium on land transactions in Lahaina, which he acknowledged would come with legal challenges.

Green said, “My intention from start to finish is to make sure that no one becomes a victim of a land grab.” ,People Still in shock. Please don’t come to him with an offer to buy his land. Don’t approach their families saying they would be much better off if they made a deal. Because we will not allow it.”

Also on Wednesday, the death toll reached 111 and Maui police said nine victims had been identified, and the families of five had been notified. A mobile mortuary unit arrived on Tuesday with additional coroners to help process and identify remains.

About a week ago a fast-growing wildfire gutted much of Lahaina, prompting concerns that rebuilding would accelerate the town’s transformation into a tropical haven for affluent outsiders.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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Experts say highly flammable grass fueled deadly Maui wildfire spread in Hawaii

Highly flammable grass is believed to have fueled the rapid spread of deadly wildfires in Maui that have killed at least 111 people and destroyed the island’s historic town of Lahaina.

Experts say the invasive, non-native grassland covering a quarter of the Hawaiian Islands poses a major fire risk they’ve been warning about for years.

Various varieties of grass, including guinea grass, molasses grass, and buffalo grass, originated in Africa, but were brought to Hawaii for livestock because it proved to be drought-resistant.

“These grasses are highly invasive, grow very quickly and are highly flammable,” said Melissa Chimera, who coordinates the Pacific Fire Exchange, a Hawaii-based project sharing fire science between Pacific island governments. the new York Times,

“It’s a recipe for a fire that’s much bigger and much more destructive,” Ms Chimera said. His grandmother lived on a Hawaiian Commercial and Sugar Company plantation in Maui after immigrating from the Philippines.

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Maui wildfire victims’ full toll: First IDs released since Hawaii disaster

At least 106 people have died and thousands more are missing in a fierce wildfire in Maui, as they were forced to flee their homes.

“We are sorry that we have suffered so much,” Hawaii Governor Josh Green said during a news conference on Tuesday.

Mr Green said he expected the death toll to rise every day as recovery teams and cadaver dogs continued to search the burned area in Lahaina, Maui. Despite the increase in the number of deaths, only a few of the 111 people have been identified.

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Why didn’t the officers raise the outdoor alarm?

On Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency website, it is indicated that their outdoor siren system can be used for hurricanes, dam breaks, floods, wildfires, volcanic eruptions, terrorist threats, hazardous material incidents, and more .

Despite this, both Governor Josh Green and Maui County Emergency Management Agency Administrator Herman Andaya say that if the siren was sounded before a fire broke out, it would not have been useful.

Mr. Green and Mr. Andaya both said that sirens are almost exclusively advertised for tsunamis – especially for beach neighborhoods and towns.

Mr. Green said that when he first went to Hawaii, he was always told, “If you hear the siren, it’s a tsunami, go to higher ground.”

A single-minded approach to sirens has proven dangerous in the aftermath of the Maui wildfires. Mr. Green said that going forward they are going to find new ways to keep the public informed about upcoming disasters.

“We are carrying out a comprehensive review to find out what is the safest and most effective, science-based way to protect people,” Mr Green told reporters.

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Video shows volunteers queuing up to help West Maui

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