Despite lack of support from mainstream Hollywood, anti-child trafficking film sound of freedom has defied all odds to become one of the biggest hits of the summer. After seeing the film, Christian former NFL star Tim Tebow is stepping up his efforts to fight human trafficking in a big way.

Tebow fights human trafficking

“Our heart goes out to try to combat this in any way possible,” the 36-year-old Tebow said. outkick, “Being on the front lines, pushing back this evil. right now our biggest heart is with ‘unknown’ campaign, Because in one of the law enforcement databases, there are at least 50,000 boys and girls who have been abused in such a severe way, and no one has been able to identify or locate them.

“And that’s why this campaign is called ‘Unknown’ campaign,” he added. “Because our heart wants to be able to identify them, locate them, and then be able to save them. We just believe that every single life is worth living, we will do everything possible to reach them.

Watch Tebow discuss this further in the video below.

When Tebow was told that human trafficking has become a huge industry, generating $150 billion annually, Tebow replied that this may actually be an underestimate. Sadly, human trafficking is a global business that is on the rise, which is why the former NFL star wants to fight it through his Tim Tebow Foundation,

“It is estimated that every two minutes a life is being bought and sold around the world as if it were merely a commodity to be traded,” Tebow said on his website. “Man – the image of God – is being captured, exploited and bound as the slaves of modern times.”

He continued, “The exact numbers are hard to track, often inconsistent, and likely underreported, yet they are a global reality that continues to trend upward at an alarming rate.”

Watch Tebow talk more about this in the video below.

sound of freedom Success

This comes after the success of call of freedom, A film based on the true story of real-life government agent Tim Ballard (Jim Caviezel), who quit his job to travel to Colombia to save a little girl who was a victim of sex trafficking. The film has been lauded by many for highlighting the issue of child trafficking, which some believe has been suppressed in this country.

Despite the lack of support from mainstream Hollywood, sound of freedom It was a surprise hit of the summer, grossing $174 million domestically since its July 4 release, according to people magazine,

Independent film has now overtaken Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny’$172.9 million (released June 30) and Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One$160.8 million (Released July 12).

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Trump’s sound of freedom screening

Last month, former President Donald Trump was apparently impressed sound of freedom when he hosted a screening of the film at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

“I hope you enjoyed it. I’m not sure it’s something you should enjoy or learn — it’s a combination. But it was a great movie,” Trump said later. Got why it’s doing so well.”

“I hope everyone had a wonderful time,” the former president added. “It’s an incredible inspiration.”

Watch Trump’s full comments he made after the film in the video below.

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Human trafficking is one of the worst issues facing our world today, so we applaud both Tebow and sound of freedom To go above and beyond to combat it. While the media is relatively silent on this issue, the rest of us should be doing whatever we can to fight back against it!

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