The first tough challenge came during the first minute, when England captain Millie Bright went for the ball but inadvertently stood Sam Kerr’s Feet.

in less than 10 minutes another came, Alex Greenwood Kerr was tackled to the ground as soon as he received the ball and was given a yellow card for his trouble.

soon after, Jess CarterHis leg went up too high, resulting in the ball coming off his cleat and into Kerr’s face.

This was not a coincidence. It was a plan – England decided to be tough, physical and relentless towards Australia’s All-World superstar forward – and it was a valid plan. And after all, it was a big part of the reason why Lioness who are now preparing to face spain in sunday women’s world cup Final (coverage begins at 5 a.m. ET with kickoff at 6 a.m. ET on Fox and the Fox Sports app,

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England coach Sarina Wigman said before the game that Australia were not a one-player team, with weapons other than Kerr needing to focus on, a dynamic, exceptional, resourceful Australian striker whose tournament was interrupted by a calf injury. was severely reduced due to its eve. His start on Wednesday was his first race in this World Cup,

Maybe it was a ploy. Perhaps Wiegmann knew the reality, player for player, his group was far superior, and the only danger was that Kerr could generate a moment, or moments, filled with enough magical interference to tilt the game in the host nation’s favor.

Anything that can slow the 29-year-old down enough to blunt his impact, even if only slightly, could be decisive.

As we see it now, it worked.

Kerr lit up the stadium for Australia in the 63rd minute and unleashed a blistering attack for the ages, pulling things back level. Ella Toon’s Good effort in the first half.

Sam Kerr’s brilliant strike brings Australia on par

But his influence was only limited. The England defense and holding midfielders were firm and determined. Kerr rarely got a spot, and she always felt suffocated by having opponents around her.

Even if it was possible, England did not need to close it completely. He just needed to make sure he didn’t overpower them, and he felt the pressure.

The whole time was occupied by England but when the crisis came Lioness It was smart and system to shut it down. Kerr’s equalizing goal, a wonderful strike from 28 yards, didn’t faze them – quite the opposite, in fact.

The response was firm and, if anything, the fresh urgency forced things to be a bit more direct. Australia’s backline and goalkeeper Mackenzie Arnold He struggled with straight long balls before the team’s defeat in the group stage Nigeriaand it was a heavy pump forward on 71 minutes that caused some panic here, allowing Lauren Hemp To bring the lionesses back to the fore.

When? alexia russo Made it 3-1 near the end, Kerr slumped, his hands on his knees, fully aware that the game was over.

He’s still been the story of the tournament in many ways, but it was now. There was speculation and speculation over his fitness for several weeks, which was exacerbated by the teasing game played by coach Tony Gustavsson with the media, leaving nothing to be known about his progress. All months and years of manufacture. All in all, with a sense of long-lasting pride, Australia have been good hosts and have a team their country can get behind.

Gotta give Kerr credit that she looked sharp and alive, but wasn’t getting too much help. England’s possession was almost complete, and whatever opportunities came Kerr’s way were generally optimistic rather than structured.

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A lot of Australia’s hopes rest at the feet of youth Mary Fowler Looking to turn into a player who could follow in Kerr’s footsteps, but he was a relatively non-factor here, he was thrown out of action by an England midfield core that showed why he is a European champion – and Now just one game away from adding a world title.

Kerr was resigned, but at the end she was generous enough to hug and congratulate the England players, almost all of whom she knows well after spending several years in the Women’s Super League. Chelsea,

England had given him a final show of respect by doing everything possible to put obstacles in his way. This time, the task was too big, and the most dangerous player in women’s soccer could not succeed.

australia vs england highlights

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