Donald Trump has a superpower: he makes people believe that he gives a shit about them and that if they work hard for their interests and show loyalty, he will do the same for theirs in return.

And—this is the key—Trump tells them to ignore the legacy of broke, unpaid and abandoned former contractors, employees and allies that he continues to leave behind. Somehow, he convinces the fools next that they’re the ones apart,

But Trump will never change, and he has now backstabbed two more of his closest allies.

Trump has dressed himself up as a mob boss, but those guys are usually smart – they make sure that anyone who could testify against them is either kept happy or dead. We can bet that Trump hasn’t resorted to assassinating his enemies, but he can at least take care of those who have access to his dangerous secrets. For example, he can pay legal bills All His convicted co-conspirators made sure they depended on him for their freedom.

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Remember, according to Trump, he “deserves”ten billion dollars, He should have no problem paying those bills. Although the full extent of his actual fortune is obviously very small, one can assume that a man who could afford a private full-size passenger jet must have spent a few million to pay his co-conspirators’ legal bills. can spend It’s simple self-preservation: If they can’t pay their bills, their chances of becoming a state’s witness are exponentially higher.

But of course Trump will not do that.

First up we have lawyer Jenna Ellis, pushing every crackpot theory in pursuit of Trump’s Big Lie effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election. back in march, she was publicly condemned by the Colorado State Bar, admitting in a sworn statement that he had “intentionally engaged.”[d]In conduct involving “dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation.”

The indictment document states, “The parties agree that defendant, through his conduct, undermined the confidence of the American public in the presidential election, in violation of his duty of candor to the public.” “Finally, the parties agree that two aggravating factors apply – defendant had a selfish motive and she engaged in a pattern of misconduct – while one factor, her prior lack of discipline, mitigates her misconduct.” “

Alice is Alice, she immediately lied About the deal on Twitter. But despite Trump’s years of service, she was chopped off Because she is now endorsing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the Republican presidential primary.

In response, Ellis created a crowdfunding page to raise money for his legal defense. It has raised about $35,000 so far, which is probably enough for 100 hours of affordable legal representation; Half of it for a top level criminal defense attorney. We’re talking a week or two. Still, the fundraiser angered Trump’s companion Laura Loomer, who posted it most hilarious screw up on Twitter.

She has been attacking Donald Trump online for the past several months @TeamDeSantis, She betrayed Donald Trump (I personally think she intentionally harmed him because I can’t understand how someone could be as stupid as her) and decided to support @RonDeSantis instead.

She has been attacking Donald Trump online for asking the PAC to pay for her legal fees, even though his supporters are more than happy to donate to the cause. Jenna has called Trump supporters grifters and she is retweeting other DeSantis supporters attacking Donald Trump.

Now she is crying foul online begging Trump supporters to donate to her legal defense fund.

This woman is mean. She’s a liar, and she doesn’t deserve your sympathy, your prayers, your forgiveness, or your money.

Then, a clever criminal will pay his own legal bills to pull off his trap. What’s the point of going to trial with him, after cheating on him and attacking him publicly? Fulton County District Attorney Fannie Willis will sing whatever hymns are needed.

At least one conservative outlet, Hot Air, viewed Trump’s disrespectful behavior toward his former ally. In a story titled, “She was blamed because she helped Trump and in return he shunned her,” conservative writer David Strom wrote, “I am appalled by Trump’s abandonment of Ellis and by his supporters.” The glee at being hanged sounds disgusting. Ellis has committed the ultimate sin of being a ‘traitor’ to Trump’s 2024 campaign by not being a full supporter of it.


Strom quipped, “Apparently, Trump has hired a lot of traitors, because of all the traitors he’s ever hired, almost everyone has been accused of being a traitor at some point.” Is charged.”

Now, the belief had become that Ellis was the only co-conspirator who had been denied Trump’s legal financial support. Indeed, of all the co-conspirators, she was the most vocal supporter of DeSantis.

But no, Trump also backstabbed his most loyal lieutenant, Rudy Giuliani. CNN has such a hilarious story,

As CNN reports, “Accompanied by his attorney, Rudy Giuliani has traveled to Mar-a-Lago in recent months on a mission to make personal and desperate appeals to former President Donald Trump to pay his legal bills.” A source familiar with the matter told CNN, “Going in person, Giuliani and his lawyer, Robert Costello, believe they can convince one-on-one that Trump should have his former lawyer assist him with his mounting legal bills.” Why did it need to be done?”

Ha ha ha, naivety!

CNN further reported, “Giuliani and Costello traveled to Florida in late April, where they had two meetings with Trump to discuss Giuliani’s seven-figure legal fees, with Giuliani’s bills ultimately being paid by Trump’s best.” Was in the interest, made several pitches about it.” “But the former president, who is very strict about putting money into his coffers, didn’t show much interest.”

We can all guess what former prosecutor Giuliani said to Trump: “If I can’t pay my legal bills, I’ll have no choice but to plead, and they want something in return!” In response, Trump yawned and essentially shoved her away.

After we all had a good laugh at Giuliani’s expense, let’s remember that he knew Trump had a long history of backstabbing those around him. he just thought he would apart.

Trump will keep doing this. He still has lawyers representing him, thinking that they will get paid for their work, that they are any way apart Trump has become tougher than all other lawyers. there are still foot soldiers on his properties walking around the bushes Plotting on behalf of their boss, thinking that they will be protected and rewarded for their service.

It’s like a clichéd action movie.”you have failed metrope, when evil villain kills one of his henchmen for “failing him” and some new fool steps in after “not doing” You fail me” warning. Those movie scenes always seem unbelievable, yet Trump somehow manages to pull it off in real life. Newcomers will step up to enjoy Trump’s orbit, unaware that they too will someday feel Shiva in their backs.

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