In his first season as head coach of miami dolphinsMike McDaniel’s offense was often busy before the snap, running a lot of speed and committing many penalties along the way.

It turns out that it’s also very complicated. after a joint dolphin exercise with houston texans on Wednesday, tua tagovailoa gave a sample to reporters when asked how long McDaniels’ play calls were.

Tagovailoa began, “I can give you guys a chance to play a skit and then if you guys want to repeat it after me, as if you guys were in a crowd, you guys can do that.” “Shall I go after saying it once or twice?”

Once a reporter had answered, Tagovailoa recited a play call.

“Okay, we’ve got North Right Clamp South Fox H Top Pass 38 Top Gun B XP Sweat. Let’s go!” Tagovailoa spoke as if he was running the clock of the game.

Tagovailoa asked if anyone understood what he was saying right after he finished.

One reporter quipped, “It seems like a false start to us.”

“Yeah, that sounds like a pre-snap penalty to me!” The happy Tagovailoa replied. “Oh my god. Oh my god.”

Incidentally, the Dolphins led the AFC in pre-snap penalties in 2022, with 46 such penalties. According to,

McDaniel admitted to reporters as recently as early August that the team was “very aware” of being relatively undisciplined in that area last season, and said it was “not acceptable.”

McDaniel said on August 9, “We couldn’t stress it more this offseason.” “Facts are facts. ‘You’re the worst. I’m the worst.’ When we get off to a wrong start, it’s not something people are very comfortable about. You show it in front of the team. You put yourself out there as a coach to produce a clean product for the fans to watch. proud of.”

But according to Tagovailoa, one change McDaniel didn’t make this offseason was shortening the play calls. The quarterback seemed a little 50/50 about the team’s long play calls.

“I would say it’s a blessing and a curse because you want all these indicators because it tells us what the defense is and what isn’t,” Tagovailoa said Wednesday. “But then by that point, the clock is going down, and it’s long. I would say the thing is, for us in the quarterback room, there are certain times where you just have to remember the game, where it’s coming.” Well, you’re saying, ‘Okay,’ you’re saying that when he, like, hasn’t even finished it.”

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Wednesday’s joint practice with the Texans was also a rough session for Tagovailoa. The quarterback threw a pair of interceptions that reportedly could have been returned for touchdowns if it were normal game conditions.

As Tagovailoa battled multiple injuries last season, some might think that the reps in joint drills are the most competitive the quarterback will see this preseason. But McDaniel hopes to get Tagovailoa on the field during one of the final two exhibition games after sitting out the first two exhibition games.

When McDaniel was asked if he would be comfortable with Tagovailoa playing in the regular season without a single preseason snap, he replied, “I would probably hesitate to say that.” “I would expect to see him in the preseason. However, you know me. I am a wild card. I think game reps are valuable depending on where you are in your journey from preseason to regular season setup. I would expect him to play.”

After another joint practice with the Texans on Thursday, the Dolphins will face them in Houston on Saturday afternoon.

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